Oneida Temple 85-Piece Flatware Set with Storage Caddy

Is it bad that the storage caddy sort of makes me want this deal? I had a girlfriend that would intentionally mix up my silverware because I had it organized like that…

I have this set and bought it from Oneida myself in the Spring. They are very nice-looking, sturdy, and I love the included wooden box. However, several of my pieces have developed rust stains which are orange and quite unsightly. I think it’s due to the low-quality stainless steel they used, but it could be due to my local water and dishwasher…? Anyway, overall not bad, but may require some TLC.

18/0 steel? No thank you. 18/0 means that there’s no nickel in the steel which means you’re likely to pick up a metallic taste. If you’re sensitive to a metallic taste in your tableware, you want to steer away from this set.

Flatware quality explained

but yes Reluctant has it right…not a good deal with that kind of quality

Service for SIXTEEN? Ah, I don’t know 16 people I would want to come in & sit at my table; that’s probably appropriate, because it’s a little bitty table, too.

Oneida has a great history in a town near me (1.5 hours away in Oneida County, NY)… until 2004 when they closed their last US factory.

Nice history of the company here

I can’t wait for manufacturing jobs to return to the US. :slight_smile:

Oh sure, I’m sure you wash every utensil just after using it. =P

Available for about $160 from Overstock and Sears. On Amazon at about $140.

Yes, 18/0 stainless will “stain” quicker. What this large 16 place-setting set is very good for is the occasional entertaining wherein you have a lot of guests and plastic doesn’t do it. Think Thanksgiving or Christmas. It works for everyday but won’t last the 20 or 30 yr that a good 18/8 or 18/10 set will. Having said that…it’s a heck of a bargain. With that many pieces, if one goes bad you always have a replacement :slight_smile:

We got Oneida silverware when we got married 12+ years ago, have put it through the dishwasher pretty much daily, and it still looks great (except the pieces that had accidents such as run-ins with the garbage disposal). I don’t know if the SS was the same quality or not, but we’ve been happy with the brand.

[QUOTE=turtlegir1, post:3, topic:330655]
However, several of my pieces have developed rust stains which are orange and quite unsightly. I think it’s due to the low-quality stainless steel they used, but it could be due to my local water and dishwasher…?quote]

It’s the flatware. 18/0 has no nickle which makes it more likely to rust.

I do not, however, recommend using it to push food down the garbage disposal while the disposal is running. Although those pieces are still in surprisingly good shape, with nothing worse than some nicks in the fork tines or spoon edges.

Think of it as being able to go two weeks without doing the dishes.

Personally, I just want one or two of the caddies.

The day I saw home.woot I knew it was for me. I love my little apartment and I love buying things for it. Alas, I already had towels and the espresso machine was muchos expensive. The wine glasses were beautiful but grad students steal/break and randomly borrow glasses therefore those were not to be.

I’m dying here home.woot. I really need a cheap dresser – not hundreds of spoons and forks!

My first tableware set was 18/8 stainless from Oneida and I am still quite happy with the set. Since I have two small children, I needed more tableware to replace loss and to boost the piece count. Due to my satisfaction with the brand, I purchased a much less expensive set (different from this deal) made by Oneida that was 18/0 and I am underwhelmed. There are several pieces in my set that have rust spots due to less than perfect manufacturing. 18/0 is a poor choice for tableware in my opinion (qualified by the fact that I am a metallurgist). If you plan on washing your tableware in the dishwasher, then I suggest buying something with an appreciable amount of nickel, which is not included in this deal.

We need a woot with some 3 tine forks!

Oneida makes flatware of varying quality. This deal is, unfortunately, of the lower quality variety. The second number in the alloy designation (this set is 18/0) is the nickel content. Zero nickel is bad. 8% or more is good, and is probably what you got from your wedding registry.

Given how good the Home.Woot stuff in the past two days were, this is a little underwhelming.

THAT SAID, it is a good deal for the price for sure. Yes, it’s not 18/8 or 18/10; but we should compare apple to apple here.

Can we get those at $79? I don’t think so, not by a LONG shot. An equivalent (service for 16) would cost nearly $240 (Zwilling J.A. Henckels). Guys, be fair and don’t have unreasonable expectations. Home.Woot has done good…

Perhaps not at this very moment, but unless you’re in sudden dire need of flatware you can certainly find better deals over time. I bought a discontinued-pattern Oneida 65-Piece (service for 12) set in 18/10 stainless with caddy for $42.50 shipped, direct from some time ago (actually bought two of them, since it was on sale and I figured it would make a decent gift some day).

Oneida 18/10, highly recommended for daily use. The 18/0 stuff, not so much. As a previous poster mentioned though, if you’re going to keep it in a drawer most of the time and only pull it out when you’ve got a bunch of people over every once in a while it would probably last fine.