Oneida Temple 85-Piece Flatware Set with Storage Caddy

I did get an Oneida set, top of the line, in 1994. Still have it but also needed to add on after numerous years and several kids. I guess I was lucky in that I saw a sale several months ago on the Oneida web site. I picked up the Lyric pattern which is 18/10 and quite attractive. It is also even heavierweight than my older silverware interestingly enough. I only paid $89.99 for a 20 piece place setting, which I thought was reasonable for good-quality silverware. I would have loved to have gotten 8 or 12 place settings instead of only 4 place settings, but alas it wasn’t in the budget. We just use this along with the older silverware and it works fine. Fortunately I don’t often serve the Pope or the President or anyone who might happen to care whether my silverware all matches. :slight_smile:

I didn’t bother to research silverware quality since my wedding silverware is also Oneida and we’ve been so happy with it. I’m glad I didn’t inadvertently buy 18/0. Rust stains would bug me, sort of like my less than 3 year old Sony $1400 TV which has a nearly unviewable picture. Btw, Sony sucks. :frowning:

18/0…no thank you

18/0. The 0 is for nickel, which helps prevent rust.

This set will pit. I’d strongly suggest getting an 18/8 or 18/10 set if you want it to last.

I bought a 63-piece 18/0 set from woooot last year… every day dishwasher use – no rust.

Try the Container Store.

I always thought Uri Gellar should have done commercials for Oneida. You know, trying to bend the spoons but being unable to because they are so awesome… or something cheesy like that.

You came very close to owing me a new laptop, specs! I managed not to spew coffee all over it, but I did get some up my nose.

I got this exact same set from Kohl’s last black friday for $40 (it was $50, but you got $10 in Kohl’s cash back). It’s been a pretty good set, although I have had a few of the pieces get rust spots that I’ve had to scotch-brite off. A great value for $40, but not so much at twice the price.

18/0 is dealbreaker #1.

Dealbreaker #2 is the absence of any iced tea spoons. C’mon, woot, you’re based in Texas for cryin’ out loud!

I couldn’t help noticing their discussion of the Oneida Community fails to mention polyamory or eugenics. :slight_smile:

Hello, hello, hello …is there anybody in there? …Just nod if you can hear me. …Is there anybody home? …Come on now woot. I need a scale! How else can I keep track of my weight during the holidays?!

Oh yes- my new years resolution is to only use cloth napkins and cut down on paper towels as much as possible (there are just some things that need to be disposed with a paper towel- doggy accidents for one)! So how about some cloth napkins woot?

Yep, they’re all made in China now.

No, they aren’t made in America. No, they don’t have nickel in them. But having bought a similar Oneida set on woot some time ago, I can say it’s a great deal for a young family. I’d rather not find my nice silver under the couch cushions thanks to my toddler and I don’t sweat it too much if the eldest grabs a fork for his lunchbox. We haven’t had staining or rusting and the set is holding up well. I won’t be passing it down to my grandkids, but I also won’t be so uptight about the silver that my family hates me- and I still have a decent set to put out when company is around.

While the longevity may suffer due to the lack of nickel, that could be a benefit for people with nickel allergies.

I ordered a set from woot once. the tray was smashed when i received it in the mail. woot was willing to take back the set for a refund but wouldn’t replace the set.

Try Wal-Mart. They have a bamboo cutlery tray. I’ve seen it in my store for less than $15.

Best reason NOT to buy imho. I was thinking they were still among the last US manufacturers out there & was about to buy.

… I can live with my mis-matched set. Thank you for posting this.

Amazon has a great number of these caddies. Here’s the one I have -

Keep in mind to check the measurements of the intended storage space.

Too bad the pattern is an uber-yawn. Would have been interested if it had some style

You can get it today at Kohls for less than here (though not the price you got!), if you use the 30% off coupon and free shipping for Kohl’s charge customers.