Oneida Temple 85-Piece Flatware Set with Storage Caddy

Oneida has a great history in a town near me (1.5 hours away in Oneida County, NY)… until 2004 when they closed their last US factory.

Nice history of the company here!

I can’t wait for manufacturing jobs to return to the US.

dinnerware for 16?? heck I could go almost a month before I had to run the dishwasher!

Not a bad price, but would prefer to buy 18/10 or 18/8 stainless flatware. This is just 18/0.

Yeah, too bad this stuff isn’t made in the states anymore.


$100 there… so $20 cheaper here.

My first tableware set was 18/8 stainless from Oneida and I am still quite happy with the set. Since I have two small children, I needed more tableware to replace loss and to boost the piece count. Due to my satisfaction with the brand, I purchased a much less expensive set (different from this deal) made by Oneida that was 18/0 and I am underwhelmed. There are several pieces in my set that have rust spots due to less than perfect manufacturing. 18/0 is a poor choice for tableware in my opinion (qualified by the fact that I am a metallurgist). If you plan on washing your tableware in the dishwasher, then I suggest buying something with an appreciable amount of nickel, which is not included in this deal.

We bought a similar set from Oneida’s site a couple months ago for this price.

18/0 stainless steel is a bit thin, and feels a bit cheap. I kind of wish I’d opted for better quality. Regardless, the set we got looks very nice and is good for everyday.

When I ordered from their website, I got a free gift of an extra 12 salad forks and 12 dessert spoons, which was the kicker for me. So, this is just an OK deal for me. You can find deals just as good on the sale section of Oneida’s site, perhaps with a few extras thrown in.

The caddy is a nice sturdy wood. It’s nothing fancy, but it doesn’t need to be. The spaces for each type of silverware provide plenty of room.

I live right near oneida and also grew up near there. I have many pieces of silverware and I can say that I love it. Well worth it. It also includes many extra pieces great for holiday times! Overstock has it for $160. Great Deal!!!

18/0 means the shine won’t last:

And a previous Wooting in January had an 18/10 set for the same price:

I bought that set, and it’s fantastic, and a nicer design.

Just sayin’.

Agreed; my Oneida set showed rust spots within 2 years of use by one person; more use by more people = more washing, should mean a family will get the spots much sooner. Pass.

bought this set for my parents, they have 8 people living in their house and roughly 5-6 teenage visitors every other day, they need some new silverware thats not too pricey, this will hopefully help them out from having to run the dishwasher 3 times a day.

There’s a 8 place set which also includes serving set and steak knives over on 1sale aday today for 24.99 plus 4.99 shipping. So for a little under sixty bucks you can get this plus the serving pieces plus steak knives. And it is also a 18/0 set. Just in case anyone was considering this and wanted to save twenty bucks.

Woot - methinks you can do better on the price…

What , these aint Refurbs ?? lol Im so glad they aint :slight_smile: lol

Pretty set, but 10/0 wouldn’t even keep a boggart away, never mind a werewolf.

I am underwhelmed by the similar Oneida set that I purchased through Woot about a year ago. The problem is that it isn’t nearly as stainless as it ought to be. It discolors in my dishwasher and both forks and spoons have a lot of blackish spots. The dishwasher technician said that it was not a dishwasher or detergent issue.

The knives have a great heft to them, so I’d really like to be more satisfied with my set. As it is, I will be replacing it soon, and not with Oneida.