OnePlus 7T HD1907 (T-mobile + GSM)

OnePlus 7T HD1907 (T-mobile + GSM)


Small Print: If you already purchased, that money will hop back into your pockets soonish.

Wait, doesn’t work with Sprint? Doesn’t T-Mobile own Sprint? Aren’t those networks supposed to be compatible?

Sprint is CDMA, while T-Mobile is GSM.

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Remember the super-cute T-mobile spokeswoman?

  • Carly Foulkes.

I bought a T-Mobile OnePlus 6T earlier this year and it was somehow a downgrade from my OnePlus 5 that I bought directly from OnePlus three years ago. I don’t know if it is the T-Mobile bloatware or what.

GSM and CSMA were 3G stuff. 4G is LTE.

I don’t think that’s right.

Wow…45% bought 3

Dam, just bought one from B&H Photo for $399. Thought that price couldn’t be beat. Way to go Woot!

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7T - $349 with coupon from 9am ET to 3pm ET 11/4/2020

…at the OnePlus site.

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You’re sort of right. Actually, GSM and “CDMA” (which is really IS-95/cdmaONE) were 2G. 3G technologies were built on and around the 2G infrastructure, so some 3G standards like CDMA2000/IS-2000/EVDOare “CDMA” because they are hybridized with IS-95 while others like EDGE and UMTS (which ironically includes W-CDMA andTD-SCDMA, which are not “CDMA”) are “GSM” because they are hybridized with GSM. 4G doesn’t even support traditional circuit-switched telephony, it relies on packet-switched IP. Strictly speaking, LTE is a 3G tech (3.9G more specifically) but LTE Advanced which developed out of it is 4G, and since LTE developed from UMB all LTE phones are technically in the “GSM” family, as opposed to the unpopular “CDMA” 4G EV-DO Rev C/UMB tech that Qualcomm had been pushing, but 4G phones themselves are generally designed to be backwards compatible with 3G and circuit-switched telephony, which means LTE phones made for “CDMA” networks use “GSM” 4G tech and “CDMA” 3G tech.

tl;dr it’s not that simple


Probably re-sellers

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The one on oneplus site is locked to T-Mobile. Great deal if T-Mobile is your carrier.

I simply cannot understand why anyone would pay several hundred dollars for a cellphone which is not 5G. T-Mobile has no additional charge for 5G service, so why buy a phone that’s not 5G capable. Yes, currently 5G phones are costly, but within 6-8 months prices will certainly tumble.

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Yes, currently 5G phones are costly,

Well, there you seemed to answer your question.

Not everyone cares about having the latest, greatest, fastest, cutting edge technology, they want something that works for their needs and budget.

Like saying, why doesn’t everyone have 1g fiber connection in their house? Maybe, because they have no need. We have an AT&T 25Mbps internet plan (although we get ~35). I can surf, check e-mail, stream Netflix, Prime, etc. just fine – why should I pay $$ more per month for something I don’t need?

People get so caught up in marketing hype.


No Verizon and no wireless charging? Double deal breaker, bummer.

Because, in my opinion, 5G is still in its infancy while LTE is proven technology. There have been reports of 5G depleting battery on some devices. Finally, 5G isn’t deployed everywhere yet so why buy an expensive phone without the ability to use all of the features? If I had a 5G phone, I would disable the 5G radio and run LTE.

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Oh sure, NOW you drop the price woot!

Too slow. Already bought one from OnePlus site.

Preach brother!.. sister?

Whatever, keep preaching!

I’ll stick with Samsung Galaxy phones. Always been good and reliable for me! Just my opinion