Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper

Onion Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper

Weren’t these recalled for something unsafe in the use of this item?

[MOD: different brand. See my post below.]

One of the topic negative reviews says that the company offered $40 to remove the neg review…you have to ask yourself how many negative reviews they have had removed.

Different brand.

Why seven duplicate graphics/pages? I know, we get the feed from elsewhere, so we can’t know details, but that seems “odd”.

More importantly, know that in some parts of the world “brand names” are understood to be a shell-game of deniability… if it walks like a [particular product] and quacks like a [particular product], good chance it shares other “family” traits…

Be thankful for these forums - I might have taken this product’s functionality on trust without this shared info.

I can’t imagine how a leveraged “press” into a vertical grid/array of cutting blades could possibly go wrong (or be made idiot-proof)…

I’ve got one of these. Possibly a different brand. Bright orange. The thing really works well. And is sort of fun to use.

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LOL. Sucked in from Amazon.

Yup. Your fingers are inches always from the metal. They are fun and fast andxeasy to clean.

Don’t buy, it doesn’t work.