Onkyo 2.1CH Bluetooth Speaker System

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Onkyo 2.1CH Bluetooth Speaker System
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6/22/2014 - $219.99 - 4 comment(s)

We bought this last time it came up in a woot plus for $200 refurbished (this one is new) to replace a vizio sound bar. The sound bar was so tall it cut off the bottom portion of our TV, so this one looks way better in our setup.

The sound is, for the most part, better than the sound bar. Bass can be set to shake the house type levels. It’s nothing an audiophile would love, but it does the trick for movies and games.

My one complaint is that the bass is a little TOO emphasized, to the point that dialog can easily become muddled or get lost in background noise. I’ve had to adjust the bass pretty low from what it’s capable of to make the vocals more understandable. Seriously, don’t even try to understand Bane in Dark Knight Rises. But that was already impossible.

We have it hooked up to our TV through optical out, and everything goes into our TV through HDMI. One thing I love is it turns on and off automatically. Once you start playing audio, it takes about five seconds, then it’s on. It turns off after a few minutes of no audio.

The subwoofer is wireless and pairs via bluetooth, apparently. I don’t really know because it works out of the box. The other nice thing that works out of the box is it can read the input of almost any remote without having to put in some weird code.

If you’re going to go with a soundbar or something of that nature, go with this instead. It works awesome and looks way better than most. If you’re looking for genuine surround, you’ll definitely want to look elsewhere. Let me know if you have any questions about it and I"ll check back tomorrow morning and answer.

Oh yeah, and it’s bluetooth capable, but have never used it.

Comments from a Previous Sale

Pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com


Let’s check out the product page


I had this system for about three weeks but returned it. The system looks great with its minimalistic design and is easy to set up. The bluetooth worked pretty well and music sounded good but not great. My main problem was the subwoofer. Bass often sounded muffled which made it difficult to hear dialog during movies, especially with male voices.

You pretty much get what you pay for - an inexpensive, average-sounding 2.1 system that sounds better than your television speakers. But don’t expect to be blown away by the sound and be prepared to ask “What did he say?” during movies followed by turning on the subtitles.

I eventually ended up purchasing a $900 2.1 system and the difference is like night and day. If you are an audiophile, spend the extra cash and invest in a quality system. It is totally worth the money.

Switch it to the bluetooth settings, and also make sure you have it on stereo mode I believe. I thought the same thing, but when you just switch between the two audio profiles it has, everything can be heard clearly again.

Bought these last time on woot, I love them expect for the fact the bluetooth auto-turns off and makes me constantly hit the little button to turn it back on if I don’t use sound for about 10minutes (on my mac). Drives me nuts, but otherwise great speakers.

Only 110V?

I purchased this a couple of weeks ago from Woot (via Amazon) for this exact price. To me they sounded horrible, even at this price. I packed them up and returned it (which was easy given it was Fulfilled By Amazon). The majority of customer reviews are very positive, I’m just not sure why.

As this system is for the bedroom with minimal use, I don’t want to spend a ton of money. For less money I have ordered:

I have not received them yet, but they get very good reviews (“professional” reviews, not customer reviews). The down side is that the woofer is not wireless.

If I had the money, my ideal system would have been:

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Hello fredtwd; this is Onkyo USA and it’s Product Support department and reading your post- we had a few questions about any setup and usage of your LS-3100. (1) Did you utilize the listening modes on this unit- NORMAL and VOCAL mode? (2) What audio connection did you utilize and source devices (cable box, PC, game console, etc.) did you connect the LS-3100 onto? (3) Did you also contact our 24 hour product Support for any assistance or better setup and usage of the system before opting to return the unit? We have helped many LS-3100 owners to optimizing their audio experience and saving them the aggravation and time into the usage of this LS-3100 system as well. We still thank you for your feedback and only wished we here could’ve better provided some concise assistance. Enjoy your new unit and thank you again for your initial choice in Onkyo.

Yes oven; as these units are sold in the U.S., they are only 110 volts. If you are seeking a 220 volt LS-3100 system- please inquire about purchasing this system in your home country for warranty authorization and specification assistance.

Good morning my fellow Wooters; another beautiful day here another great opportunity to demonstrate and assist all on the Envision Cinema LS-3100 system.

Here for your review is an introductory video on this mini- powerhouse of a audio unit which enhances the audio which was supposed to broadcast from your TV speakers:


If you have any more questions or concerns, Please contact our Product Support Dept for further assistance via our phone number and hours of operation (800-229-1687; option #3 PRODUCT SUPPORT 24 hours a day). We would assist and answer any questions or concerns you may have; as we are also available via email onkyoadmin@us.onkyo.com.

This model is pretty simple (a couple of sound modes and sub-woofer adjustment) and I am sure that I adjusted all the possible combinations (in addition to readjusting the sub-woofer to optimize the sound). Simply, it just did not sound good.

Fredtwd; we have heard the same words from other customers and were able to better optimize the audio output to their specific tastes and also provided a better understanding of the setup and vocal modes of this system as well.

Buenos días mi compañero Wooters; otro hermoso día aquí otra gran oportunidad para demostrar y ayudar a todos en el Cine sistema Envision LS-3100.

Aquí para su revisión es un video de introducción en esta mini-central eléctrica de una unidad de audio que mejora el audio que se suponía iba a emitir desde los altavoces del televisor:


Si usted tiene más preguntas o preocupaciones, por favor póngase en contacto con nuestro Servicio de Atención Dept del producto para obtener más ayuda a través de nuestro número de teléfono y las horas de funcionamiento (800-229-1687; opción # 3 SOPORTE DE PRODUCTO 24 horas del día). Queremos ayudar y responder a cualquier pregunta o preocupación que pueda tener; ya que también están disponibles a través de correo electrónico onkyoadmin@us.onkyo.com.

The auto shutoff is also a setting. You can also set it to turn on and off manually.

I ordered these a few months ago from Woot. For what it’s worth, I think these are great speakers, especially at the refurbed price. As noted above, you do have to make minor tweaks to the settings as the sub-woofer is generally too strong, and use of the Normal/Vocal setting is required when switching between music and tv/movies; however, once set, the sound is great. Unlike the sound bar and 5.1 systems I have, music actually sounds very good with this system. I play Pandora on the Xbox One on a regular basis and the sound is great even at high levels. I have a high-powered stereo system if I really want to crank up the tunes, but this is the perfect minimalist set-up for the living room without giving up much in sound quality. The Bluetooth is great as well if you want to use a streaming service or play your own music on your phone/tablet. For 2 bills, it’s a great deal.

Hi all. Does the “control box” need line of sight or can it be hidden behind a wall mounted tv? Thanks!

Re: your low dialogue volume. Be sure whatever is feeding the audio signal to the ampli
fier isn’t still set for 5 channel reproduction (5.1…etc). The Onkyo’s amp would think there’s a “dialogue” channel when there is none, keeping the center channel still active, even though there’s no dialogue coming through it. In other words, make sure all equipment in the audio chain (DVD player, any audio feeds, etc) are set to “Stereo” and not surround sound (5.1 audio).

Hello maverick0316; I have tested by both blocking the front portion of the LS-3100 system and also placing behind my consoles and was still able to control the volume and mute as well.