Onkyo 2.1CH Bluetooth Speaker System

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Onkyo 2.1CH Bluetooth Speaker System
Price: $199.99
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Good reviews at best buy: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/onkyo-2-1-channel-home-theater-speaker-system-with-wireless-powered-subwoofer/1308089919.p?id=mp1308089919&skuId=1308089919

Pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com


Let’s check out the product page


Comments for a previous sale

Purchased these on one of the last times woot had them and they are a fantastic 2.1 set. Definitely pick them up if you are looking for better sound than what your TV puts out but aren’t ready to mount a 5.1 set in your living room.

Once I have the settings established, will i be able to control the volume with my comcast remote? Tired of using two remotes for volume. First world problems I know.

Hello jackkaas; yes you should be able to use your Comcast remote to control the volume (as I have done so with Comcast, Verizon FIOS, and DirectTV with no issues).

If you have any more questions or concerns, Please contact our Product Support Dept for further assistance with this specific issue via our phone number and hours of operation (800-229-1687; option #3 PRODUCT SUPPORT 24 hours a day). We would assist and answer any questions or concerns you may have with your Onkyo product, as we are also available via email onkyoadmin@us.onkyo.com.

Hello and Good morning my fellow Wooters!! This is Onkyo USA and we are back again today to assist all customers with their questions and concerns on today’s product available for sale- the EnvisionCinema LS 3100.

Here is a brief videoclip on the LS-3100 [youtube=cdvldnee4fI][/youtube]

As always; we thank you today for your comments and for choosing Onkyo for your AV entertainment needs.

Hola y buenos días mi compañero Wooters! Esto es Onkyo EE.UU. y estamos de vuelta de nuevo hoy para ayudar a todos los clientes con sus preguntas e inquietudes sobre el producto de hoy disponibles para la venta-la EnvisionCinema LS 3100.

He aquí un breve videoclip en el LS-3100 [youtube=cdvldnee4fI][/youtube]

Como siempre; te damos gracias hoy por sus comentarios y por haber elegido Onkyo para sus necesidades de entretenimiento AV.

At my first read, I was like whoa! Then I looked at the wooter’s name.

LOL. Good morning chuckle… thanks.

Purchased this last time around.

I have this plugged into my TV via the optical cable and my PS3 and laptop connected to two different HDMI connections on the TV. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I can only get sound out to the Onkyo from one HDMI connection and not the other.

Wow what intervention- I received a email from Woot this morning about this and now for this price: I can buy a couple for some youngsters at my church to go to college with. I already have a couple here and its a inexpensive HT system to me. Works great with my MacBook.

Is there an option for express delivery Woot? Also this is less than what they were selling it for last time… :wink:

Question Tony; which HDMI input are you able to get audio from when using the LS-3100 and which device is active (laptop or PS3)? As the LS-3100has NO HDMI inputs- it will support digital optical >digital coaxial> composite audio in that order. When using your TV as the “switch” , are you also changing input sources on your TV?

To better assist you and get a better grasp at this setup- please contact our 24 hour Product Support department for further assistance at (800) 229-1687 and one of our knowledgeable representatives can assist you. We can also run a simulation at our facility to better ascertain and resolve this issue for you as well.

I connected the LS3100 to the TV via Optical cable. The laptop and the PS3 are both connected to the TV via HDMI. The TV is on HDMI 1 and PS3 on HDMI 2. There seems to be only sound when I’m on the laptop but not when I switch to the PS3. I also tried testing the PS3 in the HDMI 1 slot and nothing in HDMI 2 but get no sound. I’m not sure where in this set-up I’m going wrong.

Tony; I’d advise you to contact our Product Support department and have the representative replicate your setup. We may also need to configure the audio output settings of your PS3 and we can definitely assist you with this as well. As I have been successful in having the unit output audio from my TV and laptop with NO issues. As I mentioned before- this unit outputs ONE audio output at a time. I think if you utilized a digital coaxial audio cable from your PS3 into the LS-3100- this would greatly resolve this issue; as your TV would use the optical and the PS3 would use the orange digital coaxial cable. (as I have just done at work and having NO issues whatsoever and still enjoying the digital audio connection).

Can this be used with an iphone as well? Like, if I connect it to my tv, can I also use it to play music from my iphone?

Classic. The Onkyo US support that lurks here, they called him Jackass, when his user name is actually Jackkaas. So they intentionally called him a Jackass? I love it!

So I bought these for the same price here back in March, but they were the refurb. I considered those an extreme deal, which makes these “new” ones even better. I’ve been extremely impressed with these. I have them running off my Bravia TV set, hard wired to my home network/media center. The sound mode toggle is really nice for jumping between straight music sources, and regular programming. You WILL have to adjust the sub woofer level quite a bit, but that isn’t a big deal for me. Streaming high quality digital music off of my network sounds surprisingly good. Great grab.

LOL… just caught that- blame the autocorrect on my Mac. Lol.

Thanks for your insight and feedback- we are happy you are happy with your unit and always have our 24 hour product Support department to assist you if needed (800-229-1687).