Onkyo 2.1CH Bluetooth Speaker System

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Onkyo 2.1CH Bluetooth Speaker System
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So, everything is wireless?
A powered subwoofer that’s wireless?

How many batteries does each thing take?
What is the range on the speakers?
Nothing in the specs mentions either.

Does it all use batteries? How do you hook it up to the TV? Stereo?
Something must have a wire. ONE WIRE!
Maybe it works on magic?

The only place there isn’t a wire is from the satellite speakers to the subwoofer. The only thing that runs on batteries is the remote. I own this set and love it. I actually got it off of Woot earlier in the year, and it was a refurb for 199, so this is a great deal, IMO.

Is it possible to adjust the sound level from each individual speaker? I am looking to purchase for someone that is a bit hearing impaired and would need the speaker on their side to be able to be louder then the other one. Thanks!

We had a hiccup last night so the threads didn’t go live until a few hours ago.

But still, WAKE UP PEOPLE!. Let’s post.

There are also no wires from the source to the receiver box, which is connected via Bluetooth. Maybe pointing out the obvious, but, like, you know, whatever, man.

So you have the receiver box with two wires connected to it (and a power cord). The two wires connect to the satellites.

Wireless connection to the subwoofer, but it also has a power cord.

All the wires are included for your wireless system!

Bought on Woot little over a month ago, and love it. Clear sound and Great Bass. Was an upgrade to me over my Samsung sound bar.

Onkyo Product Page

I got this the last time it was on woot. My wife hates it. I think it is just okay. Two sound modes. one, you cant hear any sort of speech, the other one makes speech clear and kills all other sound. best part about this set is that it understands my samsung remote right out of the box. by far the best thing going for it. Worst thing is that the audio was NOTICEABLY lagging the TV’s picture. I ended up cranking up all the TV’s picture processing options to try slow down the picture which seemed to do the trick after trial and error (no bueno for rock band type video games, however).

To the person who wanted a louder speaker on one side, go to home depot and buy thick wire for one side and thin thin wire for the other side. I used my own wire from my 5.1 system (about 2ce as thick as what comes with it) and there was a difference in volume, so if you double up one side and cut the other side in half, you should get a pretty decent difference. If that doesnt work, just go to radio shack and put a resistor in the speaker line.

Prior to using this to boost my TV i used a JBL Charge (USB from TV to power it, and headphone jack from TV to the Charge for the audio signal). I think the sound from the Charge is superior. but the Charge does not have a remote control option to control volume.

Anyone have any success using this system with a record player? Clearly, I would still need a pre-amp in front of the receiver, but has anyone tried it?

Is this 110v or 220v? The comments on this speaker is not making me want to buy. Lol