Onkyo 5.1CH 3D Ready A/V Receiver

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Onkyo 5.1CH 3D Ready A/V Receiver
$129.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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If my parents hadnt already given me their old yamaha…my old onkyo was fantastic

Seems to have good reviews on Amazon, though only 6 of them.

Aww, no banana plugs.

So temping tho.

Pretty insane deal for $130 bucks. Low-wattage isn’t a concern unless you’ve got “real” speakers but most stuff under $500 will sound great with this receiver.

I was actually arranging with someone on Craig’s List today to buy his Yamaha RX-V371 for $120. Granted, that’s used, but from what he says, it’s in fine condition. What’s the better deal: That or this?

Is this the problem one that hums or buzzes?

If you want to spend under 2 bills for a receiver, this is the way to go.
I have an Onkyo and it’s plenty for the money.
Unless you have a listening room (and most people do not) and you need something for TV and music, it’s hard to go wrong here.

Wow. This is a really good deal. I have owned several Onkyo receivers. My first was a 304. I currently have a 309 which is really good for my needs. I would really consider this if mine wasn’t still going strong.

Onkyo is the real deal, and even though this is an entry level receiver, they don’t hold back on features. You get alot more bang for your buck with these than a big store version.

Was going to get a higher end unit with lots of wi-fi, airplay et al. features.

Never mind. This seems to be a steal for a basic 5.1 AV receiver. It does have USB for devices, and plenty of component/composite IO for legacy gear. And it is the only AV receiver I’ve seen yet that scores a perfect 5 on Amazon (granted, with only 6 reviews…but still…)

At this price, ya can’t go wrong. Trigger pulled.

I have this, it was originally made to be sold as part of a Bose home theater system.

It works well, however it is not very loud. You may still need an amp if you want to crank it up.

Also, it came with a 30 pin apple connector that is useless with my iPhone 5. Wish it had blue tooth.

I’ve had 2 recent Onkyo’s and they hae both cooked themselves. The last one cooked its HDMI board in 4 years.

I finally tossed out my Yamaha from 1986, and I still have my Yamaha integrated amp from 1990 - stereo monster!

I just purchased an RX-A710 Aventage receiver and I am sorry I ever went Onkyo. The difference in sound, build and features is striking.

Yamaha… I will never leave you again.

Onkyo makes great receivers. Unfortunately mine has been flawless so I have no need for this great deal.

I have a different model Onkyo 3D ready receiver, the 308, and its been working great. Just use it to drive just a pair of real speakers, but that’s because I live in a tiny apartment.

If I had a need for a new receiver I’d jump on this one.

Walmart and BB seems to have these around $170.

Looking over the interface, features and connections, I am pretty convinced this is a new version of my 309.

Here is what I like about mine:

-usb can be used to load MP3s on which is nice.
-You can set up each receiver according to distance and type.
-You will probably need a powered subwoofer. 5.1 sounds great though.
-It decodes anything that I send to it from my bluray player and HD-DVD. I also do not notice any lag as I did with my old receiver.
The on screen set up is a breeze.
-It upscales pretty well. We have our Wii hooked up to it, and it does a good job of upscaling it to match our 720p projector system.

bought one. Great value, will be a wonderful upgrade from my old sony. the next step up is the Onkyo tx-nr414, for another $100. Gets you a few more nifty features, but not worth it if you won’t use them.

Oh god how i want one of these. I have been obsessing over a A/V receiver for a little over a year now and it seems my wife cant take a hint. Plus she wont let me buy one because she thinks it’s a waste of money. D:

i just dont know if i really need one. My speakers are decent but my current sony amp only supports optical and was $100 for 5.1 speakers and the receiver… Ive loved it but should i get this?