Onkyo 5.1CH 3D Ready A/V Receiver

Aw man, I just spent the weekend trying to tweak my Pioneer VSX-509S to do what I want with my full array of speakers (and came up frustrated).
Decisions, decisions.
I will have to seriously think about this and hope I have a better idea in the AM.

This receiver doesn’t have outputs to use a separate amp.

Does anyone know if this supports satellite radio

Yep, after having an TX-SR605 kill its HDMI board I would never buy another.
It’s a well known issue with several of their receivers and Onkyo refuses to do anything about it.
I now have a Pioneer VSX-1021K that I couldn’t be happier with.

How’s the reliability on this device? I’ve heard some pretty bad things about Onkyo reliability in recent years.

(oops, somebody else posted this earlier)

I got an Onkyo HTIB when I first moved out in college. I don’t want to tell you want that receiver was subjected to during many, many parties but it still runs perfectly 8 years later.

Unless you plan on plugging and unplugging your speaker cables a LOT, you’re giving up quality for a tiny bit of convenience. Just terminate the bare wire.

It looks like this was $160 at Walmart and Best Buy last month.

Even now, same price of $168 at Walmart & Bestbuy.

THD is what I’m looking at. The lowest model Onkyo I would purchase at this time would be the NR609 with THD 0.08%.

With that said, HOLY COW THAT IS CHEAP…I’m tempted to buy one just to have one at home.

The 120V-only option is a deal killer for me. Planned on using this abroad. Unfortunate.

My first receiver was an Onkyo TX-4500 and it lasted over 30 years.

I purchased this model in early December for $178 and, up until the time I saw this truly Wooty price, was very pleased with the value. All the functionality I require for my smallish living room, with plenty of HDMI outs. These won’t last.

Woot, what do you guys have against including higher-resolution images?

It’s WAY easier to look at the back of a receiver than to read through a list of specs to figure out all of the inputs. :frowning:

Hi Guys,need some suggestions.I got a Samsung smart TV which has enough internet apps and USB connectivity I’ll ever need. Have a pair of epos 1 bookshelf Speakers attached with a parasound 750a power amp( both were gifts on my last birthday). Now I am in lovelove with the sound but hate that I can’t change the volume with a remote because the TV doesn’t have a variable output Can I attach the poweramp to this with component cables? Will it decrease the sound quality? I don’t. Wanna spend too much money right now. I obviously don’t know much about speaker setups and will appreciate your input. Thanks

Interesting discussion on low-end receivers here:

This model is lacking the Audyssey room EQ compensation that a few more bucks will buy fom a Denon model.

Can anyone confirm if it can be set to 6ohms for those JAMO 5.1 speakers?

The Specs tab does say “90W per channel (1 kHz, 0.9% THD @ 6Ω, 2 Channel Driven, FTC)”

“I now have a Pioneer VSX-1021K that I couldn’t be happier with.”

Yup, I have a VSX-1015TX and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Over 1000 watts, THX, Dolby surround sound. Has no problem powering my Cerwin Vega D7’s I use for the front speakers. Add a 12" powered subwoofer and you will have your next door neighbor knocking :slight_smile:

I have the same setup basically and plan to use this with ARC - Audio Return Channel - over HDMI. You feed the audio form the TV to the receiver this way. Both units must support it, and this does along with my Samsung TV.