Onkyo 5.1CH 3D-Ready Home Theater System

pretty good reviews

My son and I both have this system. It’s excellent.

nice little overview at jr.com


did they fail on surround sound set up on that living room picture?

I’ve been holding out on a system with wireless surround speakers, but for a deal like this, I might just decide to continue tripping over speaker wire every time I need something from the kitchen.

Crap on a cracker. Picked this exact receiver up for $150 less three days ago, sans speakers. Now I feel like an idiot, because I could have regifted the speaker set. Your timing is terrible, woot!

That’s when you learn the fine art of running wires under the carpet or along the baseboards.

So I grabbed the lesser model for the lesser price in the Woot-off. How do the 2 models match up? Is this system really $200 better?

I think Im still liking my deal


I had an Onkyo. I really liked it. I think it finally crapped out after about 15 years. Not the best, nor worst, longevity.

There really is no excuse not to have a system like this if you own an HDTV. Especially, if you have a game console. This will bring so much more to your Blu Ray viewing and gaming experiences. This is a nice price point for what you get and Onkyo is a reputable brand as well.


Newegg has the HT-S7409 home theater for $399. What’s the difference?

If you want to save a few bucks you can get this system for $399.99 plus shipping (about $20) and no tax (at least in Texas) from Authorized Onkyo Factory Refurbished online dealer, Accessories4less.com.

The warranty is dropped from 2 years to 1 year on the factory refurbished unit. I have ordered several times from Accessories4less and their service is top notch, I’ve never had a factory refurbished unit arrive not looking brand new.

As far as this system, it is worth the difference in price from the previous Onkyo system sold here due to the powered subwoofer included with this one.

So, does is upscale the component video to HDMI as well?

Would it be worth it get this tuner and procure speakers elsewhere?

It looks as if they set up Dolby Pro Logic IIz high speakers, so the picture is probably from a 7.1 or 9.1 system.

It looks as if the receiver is the same as this one, which will upscale component of a maximum of 480i.

(It isn’t the same receiver, since this one apparently includes the mic for 2EQ speaker configuration.)

The useful power rating of this is half what is says (low THD at 8 ohms) for comparison, but it probably doesn’t matter, since it comes matched with speakers.

The included speaker wires are also a bit thin, but, again, they are matched to the speakers and the length.

I second that recommendation. I bought a DENON DHT-1312BA Home Theater System w/ Boston Acoustics Speakers around Christmas for $320 there (MSRP $600)and it looked brand new! I just wish I had waited because NOW they’ve discounted it to $260!

I have bought this exact system from newegg about a month ago. It’s great, I love it, I use to play my music collection via DLNA. A few word of caution: this model is not compatible with Onkyo’s UBT-1 Bluetooth adapter.
I have also purchased the Onkyo UWF-1 wireless lan adapter and it was disappointing. It kept dropping the signal, it’s not a very sensitive antenna. I ended up setting up a router in client mode to get this system online.

I had the 7.1 System. Died on the 4th year. Looking into issue on-line, none of them seem to be lasting that long. When it worked, it was great. Replaced with Denon. Good deal, but would not expect to last that long.

I am surprised that I have seen more “it only has 5.1?” posts. I have never seen the reason to go beyond 5.1.

This is an impressive set up for $500 and surpasses most of what you would see in the big box stores. I am on my 3rd onkyo receiver (still have all three). I love my systems and I find them very easy to use. My oldest one is an early 304 without hdmi, and I use that in my garage now for music and radio. I have never had problems with any of them.

Here is a guide on how to set up your surround sound placement:


I just set mine up like how the picture showed in the manual when I first received mine. As I learned more about home theaters, I learned proper placement is the best way to go because it lets you get the maximum potential from each speaker.