Onkyo 5.1CH 3D-Ready Home Theater System

Any time you see issues with HDMI handshake compatibility or HDMI board longevity, run. I had one of the 2012-year model HT receivers and got burned big time. Even though Onkyo had supposedly released firmware months before my purchase that supposedly fixed the software-based HDMI issues (that I installed successfully) I still had problems. Their solution? Return the unit to your retailer, it isn’t worth it for you to get it fixed. Yes, that is what their tech support and engineers told me. The authorized repair centers used by Onkyo aren’t cheap to ship to and in many cases the issue isn’t fixed when you get it back anyways (google for this problem). The final straw came when they deleted all of my posts to their support “forum” (where all they basically do is tell everybody to call the support phone line) after I reported that I had to return the unit due to them not being able to fix it and banned my account. I’ll never buy an Onkyo product again, and I suggest you don’t either. Google Onkyo HDMI board failure or Onkyo HDMI passthrough problems and make an informed decision. Oh, and for the record, I replaced the Onkyo with a Denon AVR-1913 and the system works flawlessly.

They should have ponied up for a better TV too. What is that a 37"? meh. You get a system like this, you should atleast opt for a 55-60. I keep thinking about going from a 100" projection system to maybe a 120". Your screen can never be … too big.

Buyer Beware with Onkyo receivers. Any model…google the many problems they have with over heating and HDMI boards going out. They are loaded with features but that doesn’t help much if it doesn’t work.

We got the 7.1 set at the end of January for $300 amazon lightning deal. We LOVE it! While we were doing the set up we found if you cannot put speakers behind you then they go up front like the picture. We re-arranged our living room so we could!

That’s what I keep waiting for, is a great deal on a wireless home theater.

I truly dislike pics which show NO wires anywhere but leave out the word “wireless” simply because they photoshopped each hint of a wire out of the pics. Misleading, if you ask me.

I had similar issues with HDMI switching failure. Got my 7.1 of of a similar model back in 2009. Sound system was awesome and was a great price then at $650. 1 year into it the HDMI board diedm… no biggie, Warrentee repair covered it. 2 years later - HDMI switching was sporadically not working, then it just stopped. After some research I found there are some capacitor problems on the HDMI board that Onkyo uses that fail due to heat (or whatever) and cause this. Very frustrated and will probably have to do some cap replacement my self to get this back up since it’s out of warrantee.
I’m not sure if this model has the same curse, but do your research before you buy. At least it’s NEW and not a referb! :wink: good luck guys.


It takes a few minutes to run your wires through the wall and makes installations like what is shown in this picture possible. If I am going to have speakers up on my wall like that, the wires are going to go through the wall.

Apparently Mortimer subscribes to AWAD.

We’ll get a mondegreen tomorrow I suppose.

Saw this one at Fry’s last night for $399.99

Good point. And if you are careful, the hole should be large at all and easily patchable if you move them.

I personally would just go with speaker stands which gives you more flexibility in room rearrangement if your spouse decides to mess up your man cave.

I personally have mine in my basement (insulated) and found the best location to be the rafters.

For those with just a receiver, ceiling mounts are another viable option.

The only thing Onkyo receivers are good for these days is for frying bacon and eggs on them. Yes they run super hot.

What I would like to know is what these speakers are like? I have a set of Kenwood home-theater-in-a-box speakers that I got about 15 years ago with a receiver. One has been knocked over and the outer shell is a little busted, but overall, they are standing up pretty well.

Besides the obvious upgrades in technology I would get by upgrading to this receiver from the Sony STR-DH700 receiver I got about 4 years ago, the only thing I really need are new speakers. I would definitely like to get this for the TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio functions as well as the network capabilities among other things.

So, does anyone know how good these speakers really are?

How do you like the speakers on that DENON? It is a powered sub correct? Not sure if I should get just a receiver and procure speakers elsewhere. thanks for the link…think i’m going to get that one.


That is what I would do. You can get an Asus brand routers that all feature AP / Bridge(client) and other other nice features for as little as $24.99 at Fry’s and other outlets.

if you want us to do anything about it, we need a link!

After reading on Newegg and Amazon I’m afraid to get an Onkyo receiver. I had an old one and loved it but these new ones seem to be a bit of a gamble as to whether you can get the firmware working.

why would we want you to do something about it?

Everywhere I can find online retails these as 699.99, so not exactly 37% off, but still a nice discount for an older model home theater. True HD quality is 7 channel surround, so keep it in mind if you’re looking for an upgrade to a home system!

I bit the bullet and went for the TX-NR515 since the bad reviews seem to have tapered off since the last firmware upgrade.

The firmware upgrade went smoothly straight from stock to the new version. So far I haven’t had any problems. Well, I haven’t gotten ARC to work, but I haven’t spent a lot of time with it, since I have better versions of all my TV apps on my Roku, Blu-ray player, or receiver.

I like the DLNA much better on the receiver. On my Vizio TV and Samsung Blu-ray player the apps seem to want to index everything, which takes several minutes, if they don’t crash. The Onkyo receiver is ready to play in a few seconds.

It will not do video or pictures via DLNA, but access to my music collection is my main concern, and it does a fine job.

The TX-NR515 is currently selling for under $300.

I know I took a chance, but it’s got a two-year warranty, and more people have been happy with the purchase than have had problems. And the firmware thing.