Onkyo 5.2CH Network A/V Receiver

**Item: **Onkyo 5.2CH Network A/V Receiver
Price: $199.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at crutchfield.com

I’ve bought only Onkyo receivers since 1985. I’ve owned three in that time and they all still work perfectly. I started with a 25W quartz lock tuner and currently have a 5.1 A/V receiver. When I started buying them they were the only brand offering discrete amplification. That is, most receivers had one amp to power all channels but Onkyo has always had an amplifier for EACH channel which produces much cleaner sound. Anyone not familiar with receivers should know you will never be sorry you spent your money for an Onkyo! I’ve been an audiophile all my life and started back before digital when we chose components based on least THD (Total Harmonic Distortion). I’ve always worked my Onkyos hard everyday and they’ve held up. Before A/V receivers I only used them for music but after the advent of the A/V receiver I’ve used them even harder as the brain to my home entertainment system. Personally, I’ll never buy anything but an Onkyo.

So why is there a .2? instead of .1. I understand there’s 2 pre-amp sub out but is that any different than 1 pre-amp sub out with a spliter or why you would need 2 pre-amp sub out in the first place?

I’m a 62 year old luddite. Can I hook up a freaking turntable and existing speakers to this?

I’ve had three different Onkyo receivers. My current TX-NR606 is dying due to a known defect in the HDMI handshake and it’s been taking longer and longer to get the connection. We always start the system up 5 minutes ahead of time to make sure it’s “warmed up.” As this one is a 525, that suggests it is a later model (2 vs 0). I just got a 717 to replace my 606, it reportedly does not have the HDMI issue. So I still like Onkyo but I’m now more wary than I was of their quality.

Sure. You can use it just like it was 30 years ago. One exception. These things don’t come with phono inputs any longer (no criticism of this Onkyo, none of them do). So you’ll need to buy a little phono preamp for your turntable. But they are not expensive.
This Onkyo is pretty Luddite friendly since it has lots of analog inputs on the back panel. You can just ignore everything that says “HDMI” or “digital”.
As a non Luddite, my advice to you is to repent in your ways before it is too late. But if you want to keep your Windows 7 computer, that’s perfectly fine. Microsoft is lucky that an angry mob didn’t burn down the factory. Oh, wait. There is no factory.

I don’t know about 5.1 vs. 5.2 But about the sub outs, two is obviously to make it more convenient for people who use two subwoofers (left and right). Depending on how the preamp out stage is configured, using a splitter could theoretically cause problems, although in the real world it’s unlikely.

You’re getting a helluva lot of receiver for two hundred bucks. You just have to hope that there was only one “made in China” defect that they had to fix. I wonder if a repaired defective unit is statistically more likely, or less likely, to go bad again. If you’re an optimist, you could say that it was fixed, so it’s probably all good now. If you’re a pessimist, you could say that it’s probably gonna break again. I’ll bet the manufacturers know these things. But they aren’t telling.

Speakers, yes. Turntable, a qualified no. You can hook one up, but you’d have to buy and run it through what’s called a pre-amp first, as this receiver doesn’t have a built in pre-amp that can deal with phono-level signal. Translation: you could hook it up, but you (and the receiver) wouldn’t hear anything because the signal coming from the turntable is too quiet and you need an external pre-amp to make it louder.

Can I stream music with google play on this? Thanks!

One thing I can say- the price of Onkyo s has skyrocketed on Amazon in the last month, I was ready to pull the trigger on a tx-nr616 7.2 and the price went up almost $100 overnight. That amazed me with the Holidays coming and all. All Onkyos were in the Amazon top 10 a while back-dunno 'bout now. And Yes, the 525,626,727 etc are this years models-the 515,616,717 etc are 2012 models. YO guys over at Amazon-I want my 616 back at $320-ish for a day-I bought the gift cards now I have nothing to spend them on!!!

if it doesn’t have a phono Input, you can use a little box from Pyle that works rather nicely for hooking up your turntable for about 20 bucks If I recall Correctly. and yeah I’ve got a 1980ish Pioneer Turntable hooked up to my receiver that way and the sound is better than my old receiver that had a phono input.

Not directly.
You can buy a chromecast for $35 and stream google play (or anything from a chrome tab) to your home theatre.

Roll the dice with Onkyo. Just google “problems with Onkyo receivers” you will find a lot of frustrated owners. Their support sucks and the quality of their receivers is at best questionable…

Well that or stream it via Bluetooth, right?!

“The single output has an Audio Return Channel, so you can enjoy TV programs with home theater sound.”

Just wondering… Why would you need this? For OTA broadcast TV? Typically, wouldn’t you just plug your DVR/cable box into an HDMI input?

You can google anything in the world with the word “problems” and you’ll get results. I’ve not had any issues with either of my Onkyo receivers.