Onkyo 5.2CH Network A/V Receiver

I bought one similar a year or so ago from Woot,(HT-RC430 5.1-Channel 3D Ready). My friend bought a Sony that I actually like a little better for less money, so in my opinion you’re paying a little for the name.

Anyway most receivers have a 3.5 aux in plug, but not my Onkyo. Does anyone know what I need to hook up a phone? When my friends come over and want to stream there phone to my receiver they get irritated.

Why are these so freakin’ huge? I currently have a TX-SR505S which seems to have even more inputs than this and its smaller. I’d like to move to something with app functionality, networking, and true HDMI support.

I have a thin HDTV hung on the wall and it seems silly to have a cabinet just to house this. Has anyone had luck mounting this vertically, or moving to a closet or something? I’d love to hear some creative ideas on how to have great sound without the huge box dominating value living room space.

Does anyone know how the zone2 sound works? My current amp will only support analog sources for ‘B’ speakers. What a freakin’ let down when I tried to run sound from my Roku to the bedroom. :confused:

Just a little story about my Onkyo experience… In 03/2009, I bought a refurbished HTS-9100THX directly from Onkyo along with a 1 year (I think) extended warranty. The receiver had a refurbished sticker, but everything else appeared new. Around 09/2010, I started having issues with the composite video ports and OSD freezing, so sent it in for Warranty repair. Around 08/2013, I noticed white video artifacts on some HDMI ports and others just blacking out. Woot actually had another Onkyo receiver on sale that I was about to purchase, but decided to contact Onkyo first. Onkyo repaired the unit for free (I paid shipping there), years out of warranty. Apparently, they’ve had some quality/reputation issues lately, but are trying to change that. Would I buy an Onkyo again? ABSOLUTELY.

Would this be worth saving $20? Seems to have everything the 525 has except Mic setup and one less sub out


OTA but also for anything “smart” originating from the TV. Think Netflix/Hulu/Amazon apps…

Same issue here… Per the manual, this one won’t solve your problem–Zone 2 is analog, tuner or USB only.

I’ve had way too many problems with my 606 to ever consider an Onkyo product again. Whenever I see one of their products come up I feel duty-bound to mention their poor HMDI design and sub par customer service.

The Pioneer receiver I bought in the 90’s is still going strong even relocated to the outside porch. And the Denon I bought to replace the Onkyo is solid.

I hope those who have Onkyos never have any problems because once they start…

you could either get a Bluetooth adapter,connect said phones wired or wirelessly to your comp. network or buy this new one which has that stuff built in. You could also buy a RCA-3.5 adapter online or at radio shack type joints(cheap)-if you wish to use a wire

Damm them. Digital digital digital all day long and then you buy it and they have an analog-only feature.

Thanks for sharing that!

Onkyo makes good products, but this receiver seems a little weak on power… 80W per Channel (8 Ohms, 20 Hz–20 kHz, 0.7% THD, 2 Channels Driven, FTC).

I’ve got two 5.2 recievers, one a Sony, the other a JVC, and they’re both rated at 125 Watts per channel at 8 ohms.

most of the problems are either firmware update related-or just “uninformed/under informed” consumers. You see the same stuff for every brand. Most of the problems I’ve seen relate to situations which 90+% of owners would never encounter. The price of these units wouldn’t be skyrocketing and they wouldn’t be top choices on Amazon if they were truly that bad. There are plenty of choices out there. Onkyo just seems to consistently offer a better feature set for the buck.—Just sayin

What’s a turntable? LOL. I had to hook my turntable up to an old receiver I have because most new receivers do not have a pre-amp anymore.

No, you would require an external pre-amp.

Two questions:

(1) Where is this product made?

(2) I am planning to stream the digital music on my Computer through this (and speakers)…Is the Built-in DAC 192/24. good?

Any feedback is much appreciated.


So is AM/FM included in the analog source? Would I be able to have the TV/Cablebox (hdmi) playing on the TV hooked up to it, and have my Zone 2 speakers outside playing the AM broadcast radio? (football games)

Can anyone confirm that this will encode component video to the HDMI out? I’m trying to minimize the number of long cable runs to my projector.

The specs appear to be the same as last year’s NR414 except it’s 5.2 vs 5.1.

With a bluetooth adapter for the avr, yes

Does it stream video over the network, as well as audio?

I don’t know of any receiver will will stream video over the network. That’s a job for your Bluray, smart TV, Roku, etc.