Onkyo 5.2CH Network A/V Receiver

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Onkyo 5.2CH Network A/V Receiver
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $21 Two-Day OR $24 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Dec 23 to Tuesday, Dec 24) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Onkyo 5.2CH Network A/V Receiver
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard* or $21 Two-Day or *$24 One-Day
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Kind of weird that the same receiver is in the Home Theater Upgrades plus sale at the same price, but is sold out.

CNet Video Review
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Check out this “very good” review from cnet and two perfect reviews over at bhphotovideo.com


Google these receivers. They will last about 2 years and crap out. They just extended the warranty on mine and it is being fixed. I will probably use it in another room. Not worth the hassle.

Pick this up on a woot over the summer. Works very good and very happy. Another poster said they last about 2 years and die, but I different brand for about 4-5 years that I paid 2.5x the cost before it died. So for the price if this makes it 2 yrs I’d be good.
The only negative is that it does not have auto volume setting for the room. you have to manually do it.

I echo those sentiments… fantastic receiver but then I’ve had the HDMI board blow twice! This last time, I just moved on and picked up a yamaha. Searching reviews of Onkyo reveals many people have these reliability issues… wish I had know before… otherwise, love the product.

STAY AWAY from this item.

I ordered this very receiver from a recent Woot sale. When I unboxed the item, it wouldn’t even turn on. After several requests to Woot for resolution, I’ve heard absolutely nothing.

Save your money and look elsewhere.

did i mention that when one has a positive retail experience it is usually imparted to 5 or so friends/family members? conversely when one has a negative retail experience (like a craptastic onkyo power supply imploding in a mushroom cloud of electrical engineering nothow)it is disclosed about 25 times.
only 22 of my onkyo bashing comments left to go…

I have an Onkyo that lasted over 10 years and I’m still using it. It DID blow out at year 4, just like everyone says.

The issue is cheap sourcing; the components are not the best, but if you are good with a soldering iron and don’t mind poking around under the hood, you might be able to fix them.

When I did it, I could see that it was a blown surface-mount capacitor on the pre-amp side (according to a schematic from the interwebs). I found another cap like it on the front input board (that I dont use) and swapped. Fixed!

Certainly not a job for everyone, but doable just for the fun of it.

Just got an TX nr616. Works like a dream…but nearly every Onkyo needs a firmware upgrade right out of the box, so grab a usb stick and take the time to do so. Most reports indicate this solves many problems.

I have an Onkyo I bought in 2008 from crutchfield, lost one HDMI source after 4 years, but I just switched that device to another port, the rest of it is still working. I assume this unit will do all channel stereo? As in, not front and surround, but same output to all speakers? The current cheapo surround sound in the basement does not do this, and my wife says she’d use the treadmill she bought more often if she could hear the TV at the back of the room where the treadmill sits gathering dust. the surround speakers are right there, but they’re only pumping out background sounds…

Like many other commenters I had more than one of these devices which crapped out after a short period of time. The first one got “the hum” and just added a loud, low-frequency hum to all sounds. The second requires me to do a factory reset every couple months in order to get it to output HDMI again. These products are half the price for a reason. Stay away.

Decent tuner. Issues found include gets VERY hot when HDMI is being used. When HDMI is being used tuner, must be on: had to get a splitter to send HDMI signal to tuner and tv - do not always want tuner on, as it gets VERY hot. Finally did I mention it gets VERY hot when HDMI is used…

Hello ktking84; this is Onkyo USA and its Product Support department and we appreciate your post and the opportunity to assist you with your receiver. Based on recent customer feedback with our recent models (TX-NR 515 and TX-NR 525 for example): these units are highly favored and have provided our customers great enjoyment. We are sorry to read that you have reported any issue with your current receiver, but we wanted to stand by our products and have provide you with 100% support and service.

We are still researching this issue as many reporting this issue are not actually experiencing so- but are preemptive to this concern and seek servicing. We understand and diligently assisting our customers.

Let’s start with an “ON OFF” button. Onkyo thinks it useful to have an “ON ,STANDBY” feature divided into two separate buttons that makes it incompatible with almost every universal remote made.

I had it for two years. A month ago it started tripping out at higher volumes. Then last week the HDMI board just went out. I was never impressed by the sound quality. Save your money.

Hello jmzombro, this is Onkyo USA and its Product Support department and we would like to answer your statement. The receiver does employ some auto volume correction- such as Audyssey Multi EQ and Dynamic Volume. You also have the use of Dolby Dialogue Normalization when using a DD listening mode on this receiver as well.

If you have any more questions or concerns, Please contact our Product Support Dept for further assistance with this specific issue via our phone number and hours of operation (800-229-1687; option #3 PRODUCT SUPPORT 24 hours a day). We would assist and answer any questions or concerns you may have with your Onkyo product, as we are also available via email onkyoadmin@us.onkyo.com.