Onkyo 7.2-Channel 4K Network A/V Receiver

Onkyo 7.2-Channel 4K Network A/V Receiver

The Full Specs link links to the RZ810, not the RZ720. Specs are almost identical to the NR777 for sale on this very site for $50 less, but the RZ720 has a 3 year warranty, so that’s nice.

Who does Onkyo think it is fooling with that $1,099 MSRP? Silliness for an AVR with a street price of $450 (so this $360 Woot price looks like a nice deal). We all get that MSRP’s are inflated, but more than double?

So while there are some claims out there today’s TX-RZ720 has improved components inside vs. what otherwise looks identical, the TX-NR777 (MSRP $749), the specs and features appear identical. The outward difference appears to be the RZ 3 year warranty vs the NR 2 year warranty.

Going to guess the MSRP price is inflated (beyond the extra year of warranty) on the RZ version to support Home Theater installers, who can either pass the lofty price onto their customers to improve their own margin… or be the good guy and show their customer how nice they are by passing it thru at a more rational level.

Anyway, very tempting deal, assuming Onkyo is now past that HDMI card issue from years ago… the question is, is 4K in AVRs stable at this point?

Oh, and it has a Phono input. :wink:

Local computer store had TX-NR777 for $299.

Had an Onkyo for 3 years. Major problem all the time, mostly loosing sound from unit, only fix Onkyo advised was to reset the specs to factory which lost all my presets, over and over again. It finally quit working all together. It was a good thing i had an extended warranty as they sent me a big enough check to cover 3/4 of my purchase of a new Integra unit. Much happier with the Integra, oh yah, the Integra has a phono input as well. I still listen to records :wink: