Onkyo 7.2 Receiver w/ Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

**Item: **Onkyo 7.2 Receiver w/ Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
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7/9/2013 - $399.99 - 135 comment(s)

Here’s the Onkyo website, complete with specs and owners manual.

It should be noted that this is an exclusive to woot. I reccomend checking out This discussion thread for more info

Maybe they’ve solved the problem, but Onkyo receivers had a history of catching on fire:

[MOD: dated 2007]


Later models haven’t fared too well either:


Check out this comment from @thunderthighs explaining the difference between this Woot! exclusive and other similar models

Be Careful if you are trying to upconvert or use the component for anything hi-def. It will not work (such as component 1080 cable TV).

From the manual:

" In order for the AV receiver to upconvert component input
to HDMI output, the source output must be set to 480i/576i.
When signal is input at resolution of 480p/576p and more, error
message will be displayed."

I’m still not sure what makes this sale an “exclusive”. The link said the “C” in the model number makes this a different model than what it was being compared to. However, this is the same model as the one on the Onkyo website http://us.onkyo.com/Products/prod_class.php?class=Receiver&source=globalnav It is identified as new though. Maybe when the RX was being sold last time, this model was not available, with exception of on WOOT. If so, I still don’t understand what makes this a WOOT exclusive now. Can someone explain?

This is one of the very few units I have seen with a phono input for all of us vinyl lovers! I had to get a separate phono pre-amp to use with my upscale Yamaha receiver. This seems like a lot of power and features for the money and Onkyo is a pretty reliable brand.

I also checked out the defective models, all made before December 2012 and this unit or any like it were on the list - so I don’t think the above mentioned fire issue is valid.

See above for a post explaining the exclusive part

Bought one of these receivers 6 months ago and run my entire entertainment system through it. I even bought an analog turntable and with the aid of a preamp am listening to my favorite LPs again! Totally happy with it and at this price you cannot lose. Tv, computer, internet, the works all through one box!

Does anyone have experience with how playing music from a phone through USB works? Is it basically like hooking a USB drive of music up to the receiver, or can you control it through your phone?

I’ll never buy another Onkyo receiver again. If you do buy this, make sure you get a SquareTrade plan, too.

Our Onkyo receiver stopped working shortly after the warranty period expired. We had problems with the HDMI output which also included problems with the handshake protocol.

I replaced it with a Yamaha receiver and haven’t had a problem since.

Onkyo??? Run away really fast. Just google “Onkyo receiver problems” and you will see why. If yo live up north it might be ok because this thing will help heat your house. keep in mind that it will eventually only be a heater because it will have continual HDMI issues. Good luck with their tech supportThey were once a good brand but have managed to ruin that pretty fast. Just do your research and you will see.

I bought a Onkyo Receiver several years ago then took it back and returned to using my old Sansui QRX6500 receiver from the early 70s, that still operates fully. Sure it doesn’t have all the wiz-bang features but still will blow the socks off this new stuff.

Was thinking long and hard on this one. Am thinking i will stick with my gut instinct and go with a Yamaha. Thanks for the posts, they do make a difference.

In addition to the fire issue, there’s a known HDMI switching problem with older (I believe) receivers.

I have one of these Onkyo receivers that has the HDMI switching problem. Once the problem surfaced, some of the HDMI ports would take 2-3 minutes to “warm up” before they’d become viewable. Other HDMI ports would never become viewable. I lived with this problem for about a year (PITA), and then began researching replacement models.

Before spending money on a new receiver, I attempted to fix my old receiver by replacing the 5 capacitors on the HDMI switching board (lots of videos on YouTube showing how to do this). I’ve never been real successful with soldering, but figured it was worth a shot since the unit was going to the scrap heap. The process took about an hour, and the parts cost < $10 at Radio Shack. To my surprise… the damn thing now works flawlessly again. So for now… I’ll contine to enjoy my heater / receiver combo.

Two questions: Can this be used (programmed, etc) without connecting to video and will it work (remotely) with an ipad?

Onkyo is still working on an issue I reported with upconverting on one of their other models. I tried two tx-nr616s and they both have artifacts when upconverting rca signals to hdmi. The rca signal actually looks better. You can mostly see the artifacts when there is text on the screen, i.e. a tivo menu, however the artifacts remain during playback as well. I have asked them every month for an update and they have ignored me for 5 months at this point. I have an old Onkyo in my basement that this one replaced, but I am not happy with the support I’ve received. Outside of that issue and the nightmare support, it’s a decent unit that allows me to drive a projector and hd tv (similar to this one), so at least I gained a couple of features from my old unit. Sorry if this comment is not helpful since I have a different unit, but I wanted to make the issue with support well known. I do wish mine had wireless and bluetooth, though. Assuming those features work, those would be nice to haves.

Good luck.

I have a very similiar model to this one, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that the HDMI ports do not work properly as everyone has said. However, there is a very simple workaround, I just ran the HDMI chords directly to my TV from whatever device, and then ran an optical/audio chord to the Onkyo reciever so I could run sound through the receiver to get the surrond-sound. Works perfectly since I did all that.

Next time I upgrade though I’ll be avoiding the Onkyo stuff, you shouldn’t have to fix a company’s faulty products with sub-par solutions.