Onkyo 7.2 Receiver w/ Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Here are some comments from the previous sale

Should be noted: I believe this is a woot exclusive for this model

**Item: **Onkyo 7.2 Receiver w/ Bluetooth +%26 Wi-Fi
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My comment from the last offering. Only problem I have had was a week ago when the system started blinking the Uverse HDMI port. Swapped cables and components with no change. Cold reset (unplug, let sit, plug back in) got it back.

I sprung for this for the Zone 2, Bluetooth and 2 HDMI outputs it offers. I also love the sound of Onkyo since I brought one home from the Saigon BX in 1972. I had another Onkyo a few years back but it died so was glad to see this one come up again. Crossed fingers on the overheating and HDMI board issues. I will keep my Yamaha just in case.
This is a beast so don’t think installation will be easy. Worth the effort – yep! Easy – only if you have no need for it.

I run a set of four Epiphany Sonic Storms for the corners of the room, 2 Bose 901’s for the fat in the front channels, 2 powered subs for the boom, Atlantic Technology FS3200 center and 2 Bose 505’s for the patio. Audessey made speaker setup easy and they all sound great. Next for the source setup.

AT&T Uverse for TV and sports, ROKU and AppleTV for stored library and Netflix, Sirius radio in a house dock for easy music, Pogoplug on the net for MP3’s (sux may go with a notebook), and Samsung BluRay for DVD’s. Not an easy setup. I got the Onkyo in Thursday afternoon and have worked on this setup off on since. Finally got it right a couple of hours ago.
You will need the PDF files on the DVD that comes with the package and you will need to print out some of the more useful pages – handy for notes.
The difficult part is matching analog source to inputs. HDMI is easy, but read plug patterns before having to do them twice. I didn’t! Bluetooth was easy! Had that working right away as with network. No issues there. Zone 2 however requires a switch set in setup that I couldn’t find in the manual. Googled that one and it is known so Zone 2 works just fine. TV in the den, 60’s on 6 on the patio at the same time WOOT! Pretty easy matching analog sources too as long as you don’t want to know how it actually does it. It just does. The processing system in the box does a wonderful job of making everything connect and that is a lot better than the last Onkyo I had. I had to reprogram that everytime I got a power flux. Onkyo, I hope you have fixed that. I was almost glad when my old unit died!
I hope this is informative and helps someone – either in the decision or the install. If you can use it, buy it – the price is right and it is a really neat box. Good luck. I did it and I’m an old fart!

What’s with all these really awesome receivers with composite input but no s-video??

Tbar, thanks for the great write up. I want this but I read on a similar model that zone 2 only supports analog audio. Is this true? I want to connect my Apple TV with Hemingway only and use that in zone 2.

I see Sirius/XM internet radio listed on the specs, but am I right to assume that this means it only streams Siruis/XM online and will not support XM satellite?

Sirius bought out XM awhile back and now it’s just Sirius XM Radio:

Does anyone know if it is possible to use the component video inputs in conjunction with the optical audio input? I have an older xbox 360, with no hdmi, so I’d like to be able to use its existing component cables for video, but also be able to use an optical audio cable for full surround sound. I see that the component is supposedly “assignable,” but I’m not sure what exactly that means. Thanks!

I have another onkyo receiver (TX-NR509), and I have to say that the iOS apps (OnkyoRemote, OnkyoRemote2) aren’t very good - not responsive, wake on . The receiver doesn’t respond to them very often or slowly, and the web interface is essentially useless.

I don’t know about on this receiver, but if you want to use features like Pandora and what not, its a bit annoying. As a receiver though, I do like it otherwise (and I have a bluetooth transmitter attached to stream music from other things to mitigate the annoying internet features due to the controls).

I would avoid this completely. I got a similar model a little over a year ago and it ran fine for ~6 months before crapping out. It would still pass video through HDMI, but nothing would generate any audio. Not even static off of the FM/AM.
Thinking there might have been something I set wrong during a drunken stumble through the buttons on the remote, I checked online for settings/reset advice. What I found was that the same model as I have was failing in exactly the same way for dozens of others.
Onkyo is, apparently, a trap.
I hope I’ve saved at least one fellow wooter a few hundred bucks of headache…

Curious- How did you set it up to work with the Bose 901’s? Does the internal software include a 901 set up option? I have always used pre out to power amp ins for my 901’s. and that is not an option on this box… Thanks

How is Onkyo’s customer support and warranty turnaround? Looks like a good value but after checking reviews on other Onkyo receivers, I’m hesitant to drop my hard earned cash on a product that seems to die pretty frequently/rapidly.

Uhmmm… probably because it’s 80’s technology?

In a word, awful. I bought the Onkyo TX-SR606 several years back. The short story is the HDMI board went out within six months. The first time it was replaced under warranty but it was in the shop for six weeks. The second time was just after the one-year warranty expired.

Customer service was dreadful probably because this is a known problem with this brand. I vowed then and there never to buy another Onkyo product again and tell anyone I could about my experience. I’m a “verified buyer” through Amazon and my review is on that site.

Do your research on Onkyo and HDMI and then run, run away from this brand.

On the flip side, I’ve had NOTHING but good luck with Onkyo products. I love them and will use nothing else. My TX-NR609 has been going strong for 2 years with not a single problem. It replaced an Onkyo R340 which is still being used in my bedroom, again, with no problems.

Download O-Remote. It’s a much better iOS remote app over the Onkyo first party apps.

The short answer is yes. I have an older DVD player with optical audio (and coaxial too) and composite outputs. I got this unit off a previous offering and hooked it up yesterday. Works like a dream. Basically, in the setup, you tell it which video port to assign the optical (and coaxial) inputs to. It is fairly easy to do.

There is a built-in app that streams online Sirius/XM.

I just bought this system a couple of weeks ago during an Amazon “Today’s Deal” session. I paid $319 with free shipping. The sound quality is excellent, but the system must be cranked before you get any sound … I’m talking 50+% on the volume before there is a peep. It’s likely going back to Amazon.

Yep - just gets Sirius/XM on line. No receiver built into the set. I use a Sirius portable radio on the Aux port.

The meaning of that sentence is quirky. I use the zone 2 for listening to Intune and any other source that is connected. I think they mean that the Zone 2 has no HDMI processing capability but have no real clue.