Onkyo 7.2CH A/V Receiver w/ Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

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Onkyo 7.2CH A/V Receiver w/ Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
Price: $289.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Apr 14 to Tuesday, Apr 15) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Lots of great reviews over at crutchfield.com and let engadget collect a bunch of reviews for you.


Pretty good reviews (8 out of 10) over at TrustedReviews.com

I remember a time when woot only sold one item and had three pages of posts within 15 mins of the new one popping up. Congrats Amazon. You’ve ruined what was once a great thing.

There’s still just one item on this page, it’s still available until it sells out and then that’s it, shipping is still $5 … Amazon didn’t change anything significant. People move on … that doesn’t have anything to do with Amazon.

I don’t buy as much stuff from Woot as I used to, but I bought one of these here previously … I’m pretty happy with it.

I can’t say anything about this particular product, but, I will say that the Onkyo receiver I got back in the '80s is STILL going strong! …they did make things better, back then, so I would hope that they still do…

Talk about perfect timing! I’d been itching to pick one of these up. The 626 is a good price at retail and it’s even better at almost half retail.

Hmm. I did like my Onkyo receiver, right up until it decided that it was no longer going to output sound to my speakers.

After some confusion and some serious googling, it looks like I’m not the only one, and far from it. Onkyo has a lot of people reporting online that their receivers of various recent models have conked out, usually with the same symptoms: loss of use of powered speaker outputs (no relay click), USB stops working, network stops working, all other processing works just fine.


(I have a TX-NR609 that I bought refurbished from an Onkyo-certified online reseller in North America)

Google around for things like “Onkyo HDMI board failure” and you’ll find at least a few forum threads with people moaning about it. Many people attribute this to a heat-related failure of one BGA-soldered chip on the HDMI board. Some people’s anecdotal evidence of getting it working by heating up their receiver or by removing the board and baking it in their oven for a short time has many people speculating that it’s related to the ball grid array under the chip itself, similar to the failure that caused the “red ring of death” in the XBox 360 for so long. Here’s one guy’s YouTube adventure of using a hairdryer to bring his Onkyo receiver back to life (warning: loud hair dryer noise, and use of the F-bomb a couple of times. Seriously, he must have been pretty frustrated):

I skipped ahead for you so you don’t have to watch him use the hair dryer on the receiver for 7 minutes. If you’re into that kind of thing, feel free to rewind.

There appears to be a product recall at the moment or in the recent past, but the page is part of their UK presence and they claim I am “not affected”, though the language on their product recall page is fairly vague, and I can tell you that my product is definitely affected by something.


I sincerely hope for those that do purchase one of these refurbished receivers that they are also not affected, but that they’re really not affected. Onkyo receivers really are a dream when they’re working properly.

[MOD: See Onkyo post below. Problem is fixed in this model.]

Why, I remember a day back when we was fighting the Huns and ye could buy a Hershey bar for a NICKEL!

Hello Omnipotent13; this is Onkyo USA and its Product Support department and upon reading your posting- if you have researched via Google- you have viewed many customer testimonials that Onkyo itself is actively assisting customers reporting this related issue and offering out-of-warranty servicing on any evaluated model. Please also be aware that **Onkyo has provided an improved PCB board to rectify this issue and our customers will not experience any similar issues with their TX-NR 626. **

As Onkyo will always stand behind their products and support; as recent customer feedback has shown- customers of the TX-NR 626 model have reported very favorable feedback and absolutely enjoy this receiver. Omnipotent13- if you are concerned or have already experienced any issue with your TX-NR 609 receiver- following that hair dryer trick is not the cure all for servicing your NR 609. We would advise you to please contact our Parts & Services dept. for further assistance (parts@us.onkyo.com or 800-229-1687, option # 4 Monday- Friday 9am to 5 pm EST.). Please be assured that TX-NR 626 owners will provide great reviews in the coming years about that receiver and Onkyo Product Support will always be there to assist.

Hello and Good morning fellow Wooters!!

This is Onkyo USA and its Product Support department here today to assist our new and potential Onkyo owners with all questions on the TX-NR 626. Once again- please view the following YouTube clip on this AWESOME AV receiver:


On behalf of Onkyo USA, we’d like to thank all our legacy, current, and potential Onkyo customers for their distinguished choice in our award-winning products.

[MOD: Embedded vid]

What’s really tempting me here is the powered zone 2. I can be on the deck, enjoying a cd, or streaming music while wifey is inside watching a movie or listening to something else. Very few receivers in this range with that.

I’d suggest looking through the comments from prior sales, or the product instructions carefully. My recollection is that the second zone has some limitations such as only being able to carry an analog source. So no digital sources on both zones at the same time. Again, could be wrong, but that’s my recollection.

That said, I’m so tempted every time this item comes up on woot.

Will the receiver pass thru the sound when it is off? We use the TV speakers a lot so this feature is important. Thank you

I bought this and it’s OK, but the Subwoofer is only a pre-out so you need to buy a powered subwoofer. That sucks because I had a sony system with a lot more power but no bluetooth or wifi and a lot less HDMI ports and I thought this was a nice cheap upgrade.

Home theater isn’t the same without a good subwoofer and I haven’t gotten around to looking for one yet.

I would be very surprised if that is a thing on modern receivers. What would the receiver pass the sound through to?

If the receiver is off, there is no HDMI signal to the TV at all and thus no sound.

It’s actually a pretty common feature. Even when off they are on unless unplugged.

Okay, well, if we’re talking about HDMI signal, I have a TX-NR727 (not the model offered here) and when the receiver is off, the TV turns black, so I can say that no, this one doesn’t support that … at least not with HDMI.

If we’re talking about an analog video signal (which that would be a less surprising to me that an analog video signal would get passed through when it’s off), I have no idea and have never plugged anything analog into my receiver to find out.

Looks like it does have it http://forums.onkyousa.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2420&sid=d7492360e9bb15d9eb91b77640475e85