Onkyo 7.2CH A/V Receiver w/ Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Good Reviews over at Amazon

Time to check out the product page and check out this “excellent” review over at cnet

I enjoyed owning this product. It does a better job with the 4k than just running it into the tv, but 6 mos in, it broke and now the image just flickers.

I bought one a couple weeks ago when they offered this and it arrived broken. They refuse to replace stating they don’t have any in stock. That’s really odd since it is for sale here again on the site. Very classy Woot! never buying here again.

I bought this last same model it was available on woot. I have had constant issues with video drop outs, green screen, and multi-color snow from my cable STB source right since day one. About 50% channels are downright unwatchable. I called product support and they recommended several options - resetting the box, running of deep color, making sure I have latest firmware, making sure HDMI signal is set to pass through, trying connecting the source to different HDMI input, changing HDMI cables to very high end costly cables - and I religiously followed all options. End result - the problem still persists. Now the product support recommends my to send the unit to nearest service center which is 300+ miles away. Onkyo will not provide a shipping label to ship the unit and I need to shell out money to ship the unit that is still under warranty. When I inquired with product support, how does it make sense for me to have to bear the shipping cost for what is essentially Onkyo’s fault in selling me a broken unit, they just said “This is what it is.”

I can understand that even new products can sometimes not work, and I was likely among the few that have problems with Onkyo products, but I am shocked to see the complete disinterest by Onkyo product support to stand behind a product that is still under warranty. No other brand’s product support has taken this approach with me in all the electronics I have bought over the years - Sony, Apple, Panasonic, Denon and others. I am concluding Onkyo is uniquely sub-par in its product support at least based on experiences.

I wanted to share my experience with this receiver and the under-par product support experience I received from Onkyo - in hopes it helps fellow wooters make an informed buying decision. I would not be buying an Onkyo product ever even if it was rated 5 stars in all reviews, from fear of being left hanging by Onkyo product support in case of an outside chance that the product failed.

Really want to pull the trigger on this as it’s great receiver on paper and the price is right. However there seem to be many data points about the HDMI failures.

Not Onkyo again. Can’t we get some offerings from reputable companies? You know, ones who actually fix defective products and have real customer service departments instead of marketeers acting in that capacity?

As much as I want a reciever onkyo is not in a good place right now!

Dude, you’re running 4K through a $299 receiver? Not much coin left over after buying the 4K monitor?

This is a great receiver for the money. I see a few bad reviews out there, but mine has been working and sounding great. I would recommend this receiver to a friend.

On the other hand… I picked up this model back in May and have been happy with it. I only stream Pandora and that works fine (my WDTV live box handles my streaming needs), I have HDMI from the satelite box and I don’t get drops or screen issues. The speaker setup seems to have done a better job than my Sony we had for years, the surround sounds better and its all nice and crisp. I can connect my phone to the unit with an MHL cable and it works just fine. I may be lucky, but I have been happy with it, ymmv.

I had an Onkyo 7.2 receiver last year that worked GREAT for about a month and then started having HDMI passthrough problems. Support is minimal and there are many known issues with Onkyo receivers and HDMI. I replaced it with a Denon and haven’t had an issue since then with the receiver. Maybe things have turned around at Onkyo since I bought… but I doubt it, especially given the other reviews here.

I have owned many hi and mid end receivers from many brands: Denon (2112, 3312), Yamaha (675, 820) Pioneer (SC-75), Sony and Onkyo (809). Only one that gave me trouble and no support whatsoever was Onkyo. The receiver suffered from Onkyo´s infamous HDMI Board failure right after the return period had expire on Amazon.

Never again…

I’m sorry for the poor experience. But they were most likely telling the truth. We do not maintain a warehouse of inventory. We generally buy enough for what we hope is one sale. When you see the product again, it often means that we bought more.

I bought one in the last sale after confirming my local repair location is 10 minutes from my house.

I’d rather buy a refurb Onkyo than a new one, and have done so for my last 5 receivers. They are all still working, just not at my house - parents, siblings, etc have gotten them as hand-me-downs

My last Onkyo 7.2 receiver is down to two working HDMI inputs after two years. The sound is still fantastic. Just picked up the HK AVR 3650 offered here last week.

In fairplay, I bought a nr609 back in june 2010 (refurbished). They issued a recall for lack of a better term and fixed the HDMI/Network dropouts I’d been having. Shipped me a box, and returned it fixed inside of 10 days. Just received it back last week. They earned some loyalty from me. I’m extremely happy with my Onkyo purchase and would buy again.

Does anyone know if there’s a “5.1” mode? I’d love some of the features, but really don’t want to add any speakers at this point. Thanks!

When you are in the speaker set up if you do not have 7 speakers plugged in the receiver tells you to use 5.1 setup and defaults to it. No need to add the extra 2 speakers at this time. I run 5.1 and it sounds great.