Onkyo 7.2CH A/V Receiver w/ Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

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Onkyo 7.2CH A/V Receiver w/ Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
Price: $249.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Reviews over at Crutchfield

Had two friends that bought this receiver and both died in the first year. Both lost the sound output. Wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

Myself and my mom both bought this a couple years ago and it’s been quite happy since. Your anecdata is officially cancelled out! :slight_smile:

I really like the zone 2 functionality of this unit: I can play a CD on my outdoor speakers while watching a movie on the indoor surround speakers. The ability for the unit to play Internet streams without having to turn on the TV (once you’ve set up your favorite stations in Pandora et. al.) is pretty cool too.

[QUOTE=maestro8, post:6, topic:447778]
Myself and my mom both bought this a couple years ago and it’s been quite happy since. Your anecdata is officially cancelled out! :slight_smile:

Mine also crashed the first year (video blue screen of death)…his anecdata is officially cancelled out…is correct.

I’m really sorry about your friends. Perhaps the receivers are haunted?

Got this last time-like a month ago.Primary HDMI output seems dead(gray screen) already,but menus display correctly,which is strange.Got to do some troublwshooting. Secondary HDMI is fine. Maybe the Onkyo rep will appear on here again.


Oinkyo = Cr@p. Run from this brand. Search the Google for onkyo problems and settle down for a few hours of light reading.

Mine died in 9 months, spend 2 months being repaired then died again after warranty had expired. I guess if yours works past the warranty period you are lucky but too many have had issues to roll the dice.

I have this receiver and love it. I stream sirius all the time and the Audyssey calibration make for awesome sound. I have heard about the HDMI output dying and it seems to be an overheating issue. As a result I put mine on top of my audio cabinet rather than in it to allow for air flow.

I purchased an ONKYO TX-NR626 RECEIVER on Woot about a month ago. I was very impressed by it. I have it going almost 24 hours a day because I am in bed 24/7 dues to injury. Runs and sounds great. I added a Bluetooth attachment for a few dollars.

Here’s what I would have done different.

I would have bought it on AMAZON “NEW” not refurbished. WHY? When its “NEW” you get a “2” year warranty. When its “RECONDITIONED” it’s a “1” year warranty. The cost of additional warranty time is a wash. So the deciding factor for me would be the fact that AMAZON is very supportive of its customers.

Just my 2 cents … you may have a different view and opinion.

Really considering this to replace my aging Onkyo TX-NR609 which I dearly love. However, it’s starting going on the fritz the past month… the video works fine, but I don’t get audio about 40% off the time. Considering replacing the mainboard on the 609 or picking up the 626. Hmmmm.

Would not touch another Onkyo. I purchased a TX-SR606 refurb directly from Onkyo. The HMDI board stopped working a week or so after 1 yr warranty. It is a very common, known issue and they still refuse to do anything. Its basically useless now for any real theater setup.

I loved the receiver while it worked, but they left me hanging.

The issues have been fixed in new models and these units. If you check out previous threads for this model, you’ll see Onkyo reps in and addressing the issue.

Exactly! The company is aware that those models had issues with HDMI, and instead of offering a replacement program, they tell you “Out of warranty; too bad!”.

A company that won’t stand behind their mistakes deserves none of my business.

2nd post today.

when I purchased this reciever here what finally persuaded me to was the company Rep that addressed everyone’s questions / comments. He went to great effort. Most note able was him addressing past quality issues and explaining how they were FIXED.

In my opinion this is a GREAT SOUNDING RECEIVER with many useful options. I am glad I bought and I believe you will be to.

If you have read my past posts you know if I think any thing selling on here is questionable I say so. In this case I give this receiver a thumbs up. You will really love the sound with a 7.1 hook up. Try the Internet music listings … .

Thank you TT! Some people just don’t listen, EVER! Still loving my 626 with full Pinnacle surround!

Just like every other Onkyo before it this will undoubtedly cease to function in two years because the caps will go out or the HDMI switching will fail.

I owned a TX-NR609 thinking it was a great replacement for my old Denon, which it was. Features wise they have a lot of stuff packed into these, but like most electronics you get what you pay for. If you are alright with buying a new receiver in two years time this will be sufficient. I replaced my Onkyo with a Yamaha and haven’t had any issues since.