Onkyo 7.2CH A/V Receiver w/ Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Expect better results than you think. I have my Parts & Services representatives waiting for your email to respond back- please provide your full mailing address in the email so they can provide a courtesy box/label from your friendly Onkyo online rep.

What makes this model worth an extra $100 more than:


I picked this one up the one in the link above and it has worked excellent so far for me.

Hello aleighs; we would like to thank you for your purchase of the TX-SR 313 receiver. Some subtle differences between your receiver and the TX-NR 626 can be noted below:

SR 313
5.1 audio system
Single HDMI Output terminal / 4 HDMI Input terminals in rear panel
No Powered ZONE 2/ only Speaker B
65 watts/ channel @ 8 ohms minimum

NR 626
7.2 audio system
Dual HDMI Output terminals/ 6 HDMI input terminals in rear panel
Powered 2/ Built in WiFi and Bluetooth support
Network Radio apps embedded (Sirius, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, Slacker, etc.)
95 watts/ channel @ 8 ohms minimum

These are a few features found on the mid-level TX-NR 626 receiver. Please feel free to review the 1st YouTube video clip demonstrating the features of the NR 626 as well.

UPDATE: We just wanted to advise you that the Parts & Services Dept will be closing in a few minutes; but if you do send the email- it will be promptly answered tomorrow during normal business hours (9am to 5pm EST Monday- Friday).

I will also be available for another hour before signing off- unfortunately I will not be providing the usual support until the end of this sale.

If you have any questions or concerns you’d like to be further reviewed and responded to: please send your comments or issues via email to askOnkyo@us.onkyo.com.

I’ve had a TX-NR515 for over two years and haven’t had a problem. I, too, having it sitting on top of the cabinet with nothing above or behind it.

This one is better than mine, and I am tempted to upgrade. It’s got a little more power and has better Audyssey. It’s also got Bluetooth, wifi, and a phono input, which mine doesn’t. Other than that they are pretty much the same.

In addition to the 46% more power, apps, and two more surround channels already mentioned, there are

Audyssey speaker configuration
Phono input
Upscaling of 480i content

All of that is easily worth $100. A decent phono preamp runs over half that.

I have this receiver, purchased from Woot, and I’ve dealt with Onkyo on both the dealer side and customer side for ~20 years.

The company almost always does the right thing, and the products are pretty consistently over-built, meaning strong power supplies, strong casing, etc.

I replaced my last Onkyo receiver that was around 12 years old with this one only for the updated tech. It was still going and had never had a problem with heavy use.

You could do a lot worse, especially at this price.

Onkyo built receivers for years with a certain TI chip, which died year after year after year.

If you do a search, you will see this goes back to models as old as 5 years ago and as new as 1 year ago.

After MANY MANY people had this issue, and sent in units multiple times, many giving up that their $500 to $2000 receivers would ever be fixed, Onkyo finally admitted to the problem which most of their high end models for years on end had.

How many ended up in the dumps because TI and Onkyo refused for YEARS to admit to this problem? Once they did admit it, did they offer anyone that threw a unit away some sort of monitory restitution? Onkyo is in the midst of “fixing” these units with a new model of the TI chip, but after years of trying to hide this problem, would you ever trust this refurbed unit?

I would never buy a product from this company again (yes, I had a $1000 onkyo that died 2 months out of warranty, like many many people did). They refused to admit they had a problem, years after the internet filled up with complaints.

I purchased this same Onkyo receiver on Woot! about a year ago. Overall it’s been great, especially for the price.

Note though, for a couple weeks last fall the sound was cutting out, then eventually coming back on HDMI sources. Figured I had stumbled on the infamous HDMI bad-cap problem. But it got better all by itself. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I read the comments whenever this receiver shows up on Woot!, and the HDMI board issue is always brought up, and OnkyoUSA is often surprised and refers people their amazing support (which I haven’t had to use yet). Some people say they are taken care of and OnkyoUSA is great, others say it’s all a lie. I own one, so until I get burnt i’m happy to believe Onkyo will help out if the HDMI board goes bad.

If not, and i’m just saying, some people claim there’s a DIY fix for the capacitor problem with the HDMI board, if you can use a soldering iron safely. Feel free to search Bing for diy fix onkyo hdmi board. It’d be nice to hear from anyone who’s gone that route. I wouldn’t try it unless Onkyo refused to fix it or wanted to charge a bunch of money for the fix (or I just wanted it fixed today).

I purchased this about a month ago. about two weeks ago, the sound stopped working when I turned on the receiver. Takes about 5 minutes before it fully works. The Wi-Fi does not work so my iPhone app will not connect to the receiver and I cannot use the SiriusXM App at all. I have tried to contact Onkyo multiple times and they have not responded to my emails and when I requested a call back last Monday, I still have not been called back. When I went to the website to register the product, it did not like my serial number either. I’m not a real happy owner of this product. To say the least.

Just following up to see if you have contacted our Parts & Services Dept. about servicing your TX-SR 606 receiver. As I inquired with the representatives and no one has processed a SR 606 since last week.

Hello thousandmonkeys; as a testament to our level of service: Woot used to be filled with constant complaints and we have systematically resolved their issues and they haven’t reported back with any issues henceforth. If you ever have an issue- please feel free to contact us via email at askOnkyo@us.onkyo.com and we will service you promptly. As a note- we wouldn’t recommend following any DIY tips- as if any other issue arises: we would not be liable for servicing. It’s best to contact Onkyo for further assistance so we can properly support our products.

Thanks OnkyoUSA! Appreciate the reply and offer for future assistance if needed. I’m still enjoying the 626, but it’s a little nerve-wracking for potential buyers that there are so many complaint posts.

If any others are considering Onkyo, but unsure based on the purported HDMI problems…
[] Most brands have similar problems reported.
] An Onkyo rep shows up at each of these woot! sales and offers direct customer support.
[*] I figured if Onkyo wouldn’t fix it, there are DIY fixes.

I’ve been using a Harmon-Kardon A/V receiver for years, and thought that nothing could be better. I was definitely wrong. This receiver has everything I could possibly need, and the automatic setup makes managing a Home Theater System a breeze. The only thing I wish it had was an optical audio out option for my headphones, but honestly, it’s other qualities are so good, I’m more than willing to overlook that one little thing.