Onkyo 7.2CH Network A/V Receiver w/ HDMI 2.0

Showing cheaper on Amazon (refurbished) with Prime shipping - FYI

Many of these will show up as refurbs in the future. There’s a reason refurb’ed Onkyo units show up on Woot so often - they have lots to sell.

The TX-NR626 version that i bought from woot 16 months ago just crapped out today - i won’t ever buy onkyo products again.

On that same note about 18 months ago I bought a Pioneer from Woot to replace an 11 year old Onkyo (that still works, just outdated). Pioneer crapped out on me two months ago. Now I’m back to using the 11 year old Onkyo cause I cant shell out another $550 right now for a replacement.

Not sure if brand matters as much as the bad luck to have one fail on you (out of warranty).

Well, I was hopeful that Onkyo had fixed their HDMI issues. But just 5 months after “upgrading” to this from my last Onkyo (TX-SR607) receiver (also had HDMI problems fixed under warranty), this one is toast too. I use it daily. I would think it could handle daily use.

It can’t.

I’m convinced now that Onkyo has decided to hedge their bets on bad capacitors against max usage deeming that they work for the 80% percentile of users. I’m not in that part of the distribution, sadly.

Fortunately, Woot is an authorized reseller and it has a 2 year warranty. Unfortunately, I can say this is NOT an isolated incident. When ONE customer has 2 bad HDMI boards in TWO different receivers… it’s a design/manufacturing problem.
The 607 was purchased in February 2010 and repaired in November, 2011. It still works. I replaced it for the bluetooth and network connectivity features of the NR-737.

DO NOT BUY ONKYO FOR DAILY USE. This is definitely my last Onkyo. I really thought they would have figured this out this many years later. But nope.