Onkyo Home Theater Petting Zoo

Review on CNET

"Bought mine refurbished from Woot! GREAT Price, unpacked it plugged it in and immediately greeted with a purple screen, fiddle with settings and configurations and it clears up figure it was just an output setting and no problems. Turn it on later and it worked. Turned it on the third time. No video signal at all making it to my TV.

Now the money I saved by purchasing a refurbished is out the window because it will cost me almost $75 to ship it to their repair facility near NYC in NJ."

Can you guys, like, send one to me temporarily for free so I can pet it? Or is there a location that I can go to to pet it?

I’d buy one, but my mom says I can’t handle the responsibility.

She’s right.

I purchased one last year on woot and it’s working flawlessly. I love it. I can pass my 3D Blu-ray through it to my projector just fine. It even up scales my VHS player.