Onkyo In-Ear Headphones with Control Talk



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Onkyo In-Ear Headphones with Control Talk
Price: $49.99
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8/26/2015 - $49.99 (Woot-off) - Click To See Discussion (1 comments)


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Solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at amazon


Only 9 people ranked so it’s not very reliable. But Woot deal is quite attractive. Here we go


It’s limited reviews, but they all tell the same story. The earbuds are a bit heavy, great quality, really strong bass that sometimes crowds out the midrange, but great sound otherwise. So it sounds like if you’re a bass-head take it, maybe skip otherwise. People still think it fits in that $120 price range it’s going for at the mothership, so this price might really be a steal and make up for maybe too heavy a bass.

I’m tempted.


I purchased these during the last Woot Off. The sound quality is AMAZING but the earbuds are lacking in the comfort department. I ultimately had to take the ear bud covers off my old headphones and put them on these to get a somewhat comfortable fit.


I’m seeing $85 over there, not $120. That still makes it a decent deal, just wanted to point that out for others who might jump on things based on comments without clicking links

Unfortunately I’m taking a pass, need a set that can control Droid, not apple


Nice, how much did you get these at the time?


wonder if can you at the gym or too heavy? Too heavy man??


I know this one is over, but I saw the price at AZ did change mid day. It’s $95 now even.


I know the sale is over so I’m late in replying but I own these, use them on my Android phone and the controls work. So if you see these for sale again on a WootOff or what have you, I’d get them.


I got these fairly quickly after ordering, and I have to say 1) the volume controls do not work on my android phone (no biggies, I didn’t expect them to), but 2) These are great ear buds, they really are.

I had the Beats ones that came with my Rezound a few years ago, and they were far superior to other ear buds, but these take the cake.

Although it’s true, the bass is heavy at lower levels, um, that’s kind of the point, right? I don’t expect the sound quality of my QC15’s, but I do expect to be able to hear over the background noises in a gym and they deliver just fine in that regard.

No clue as to the veracity of their claim about clarity through the little vacuum sealed wires, but for $50 they’re well worth the money.

As a bonus, they don’t even feel cheap.