Onkyo In-Ear Headphones with Control Talk



I would buy these in a second if the controls weren’t proprietary to Apple products. Sorry, Onkyo, there are music aficionados who don’t use Apple.


From what I’ve read, these are bass heavy IEMs. If one is into trance, dance, or similar music, then these would be a good fit. The price seems to be fair, too.


I completely agree. I am an Android fanatic and I find it annoying how many electronic items are made specifically for Apples products.


I would agree. I have a Samsung S5. I bought these anyways. They work just fine with my Samsung/Android.


This is my first Woot purchase. I am very happy with the product, delivery, and pricing.

These headphones are great! I have Bose and Beats. These are better IMO.


I thought for $200 MSRP, a big name mfg that isn’t throwing their name on a cheap OEM product or selling items purely based on their brand, would be making balanced armature headphones, instead of chasing the mega bass market.