Onkyo iOnly Play iPod Music System

I wonder if we’ll ever start seeing more iThings made for the new connectors.

Then they couldn’t sell the adapters for $30.

What kind of iPod is that that I’m getting along with the speaker? Since the picture doesn’t explicitly state “you can’t have our iPod” as it always has in the past, I wanna know whether the iPod model included with the speaker is new enough to make this a great deal.

That’s no iPod, it’s an iPhone 4! THIS COMES WITH AN IPHONE 4! QUICK, BUY THREE!

Only plays iPods huh?

Why is it called iOnly Play iPod when it has a 3.5mm plug that can play other stuff? I’m looking for exclusivity here!

Beat me to it :frowning:

Heh. That would be a good question for Onkyo. :tongue: