Onkyo On-Ear Headphones with Control Talk

Just to be absolutely clear…

“Please note: Headphones will work with PC and Android devices. Control Talk is for iOS only”

To me this sounds like having these plugged into my Android phone makes the in-line cable controls (Answer/Reject, Next, Previous) completely useless?

Found this on an Amazon review. Thought it might help.
As with most headphones, volume up / down only works on iOS devices, but play/ pause, track selection and call accepting works on most Android devices, such as my Galaxy S4.

I found that same Amazon review but wanted to see what the Woot-ers out there had to say. Thanks for the clarification.

Have also read reviews on these about “poor build quality” and “uncomfortable”. Granted, I could pay ten dollars more and get a pair from Amazon and if they suck just return them but I think I might have to do some Best Buy window shopping before I finally land on a pair I want to use.

Thanks again for the input.

I own a couple of pairs of these and the build quality is not poor at all. It’s excellent. These are my favorite headphones, bar none. These are $200+ headphones going for $60. Best headphone buy I ever made, that’s for sure (so I got a couple).