Onkyo TX-RZ610 7.2Ch A/V Receiver

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Onkyo TX-RZ610 7.2Ch A/V Receiver
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no bluetooth. bummer.

[MOD: has BT]

Bluetooth audio features are built in.


From the features:

Bluetooth / Wi-Fi with Pandora, Spotify, and AirPlay
The TX-RZ610 has AirPlay, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies built in. Stream virtually any audio from a smartphone, tablet or PC to your home theater for powerful sound.

Got this the last time around. It’s a good receiver. The Bluetooth is great as it is always available. When you connect to it, the receiver will power on automatically. One thing I’ll say is that Chromecast support is still not there. Pretty annoyed by that. Maybe woot can ask Onkyo if they are in fact adding it or not.

No BT out to wireless headphones

Don’t waste you money on it. It will not have the firmware update to bypass Dolby Vision and the units still having issues with HDMI boards. It dies after a year.

How much is THX missed?
It’s been so long since I’ve bought a receiver…
Lots of music and some movies will be played. Without thx…Will i notice anything different?

Not much on my opinion … Dolby Atmos is the way now.

Buyer beware!

Onkyo receivers have an issue with Dolby Digital and DVRs. When you pause, rewind, fast forward, etc., the unit will frequently drop the sound. It will come back eventually, or you can grab the Onkyo remote and switch to another input and back to rectify the issue for the moment.

They’ve known about it for years now and claim to be working on a fix, but at this point one would have to think that the problem is in the hardware, not the software.

I learned about it right after I bought it, and for some reason trusted that they would be able to implement the fix. Now it is too late to return the unit for another brand and I feel dumb!

Does anyone know if the HDMI communication between Onkyo devices and Samsung TVs has ever improved or is it still a 3 remote control operation? I’ve basically resorted to just using the Audio out from my TV into our Onkyo receiver since HDMI pass through is so frustrating. I can’t honestly say if it’s the receiver at fault or if it’s the TV.

I went through HDMI board hell with an older Onkyo (7-8 years back). I fixed it 2x before a lightning hit put it out of it’s misery. I think i still have some spare capacitors somewhere. Otherwise the thing was very good considering the price.

Against my better judgment, I got another one. I’m going on about 4 years without a hitch. I’ve been mildly burned by these things but I’d do it again.

Not familiar with the Dolby issues, but can say I’ve never seen them on my TX-NR616.

I share your frustration! I resorted to turning off cec on the tv. While not a perfect solution it did make it tolerable. However still find myself switching between 3 remotes! Ugh! Maybe a Harmony remote, just not willing to gamble with a couple hundee to find out.

Can confirm. Mine is dead

Can’t tell if it has Phono inputs can anyone help?

It does have a phono input built in, but if you plan on hooking up a dual cassette player this may not be the best setup.

It has a 3 year warranty. Did you attempt to get it repaired by Onkyo ?

Need my turntable and vinyl…cassette, are y0u serious!

re: Onkyo brand

Had the “lose video” issue that’s prevalent on the brand, contacted Onkyo WELL AFTER any kind of warranty, and without any kind of receipt, and they accepted my RMA anyway.

Ended up buying a Pioneer Elite in the interim, so now the “new” Onkyo is up in the loft, but it hasn’t gone out since.