Onkyo TX-RZ610 7.2Ch A/V Receiver

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Onkyo TX-RZ610 7.2Ch A/V Receiver
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Onkyo has serious quality-control issues. Each one of their product lines has a known issue that plagues it. I currently have two NX- Onkyo receivers and they currently take more than two minutes to turn on, and turn themselves off after a couple of hours. This is after Onkyo allegedly already fixed it. Do not buy these, the money you save will only go toward replacing it in a year or two.

They have great PR though. They’ll be in here soon pinky swearing they’re not like that anymore. Well the broKen receivers in my house were “repaired” AFTER Onkyo was sold, and they’re still no good.

Does anybody know what the idle (“off”) power consumption is when HDMI ARC is enabled?

I have an older Onkyo, and it will draw 60w when “off” if ARC is enabled, which is totally unacceptable.

I’m sorry that you are having issues, but you are spreading false rumors. I own three Onkyo’s including a TX-RZ3100, TX-RZ800 and a TX-NR529. Everyone of them operates flawlessly and are quite impressive in features and capabilities. I really wish those that have isolated problems would not trash a company for their issues. Perhaps you can point out some forum somewhere that backs up your claims where your issues is widespread? We’ll wait until that happens before taking your advice. Thanks

I bought a refurb’d TX-NR626 from Woot 3.5 years ago. It did overheat in the summer but that was in an enclosed space and I am very stingy with the A/C. The problem went away after a small fan was installed. No issues since.

Those are more than rumors, but in my experience not as bad as the poster indicated. Browse AVSforum.com and you’ll see many horror stories.

I got my first Onkyo about 7 years ago and soon found out that it had BIG issues with the HDMI board. I had it fixed under warranty but the closest place to my house was 200 miles away. Luckily my sister lives close by and I turned that into a visit. The guy in the shop knew the problem as soon as he saw what I was carrying. He said a LOT of them do that and it’s a known issue with the HDMI boards overheating (my rack has an external fan and doesn’t get too hot, the receiver itself did). He replace about 7 caps and it worked again…for about a year. Then the same thing happened again.
I did a little research and replaced the caps myself with some that had a higher heat rating. I’m pretty good with a soldering iron. That fixed it for good until a power hit smoked the HDMI board altogether. It’s still running at a friends house for audio only.
That being said, I bought another Onkyo about 4 years ago and that one’s been running strong every since…without me breaking out the soldering iron.
So yeah, they had big problems and from my experience they’ve gotten better as of late.

I can’t speak for this exact model but my Onkyo does the same thing while off. Not acceptable. The hdmi (ARC) control is so poor that I’ve disabled it and it doesn’t affect the power usage at all, power usage is still not acceptable while turned off.

I’m actually putting a very lightly used Onkyo 7.2 unit on Offer up soon.
Good luck with this one Wooters.

For me, the power use when off was due to enabling HDMI CEC (RIHD) which allows for control of devices via HDMI. However, ARC is only available when CEC is enabled, so disabling CEC is what “fixed” it for me (and what prevents me from using ARC).

I purchased this from Woot about a month ago. When I first installed it, I did have a lot of issues. However after installing the latest update, it has worked FLAWLESSLY!

Is this a new receiver w/ warranty? If so 1 year, 2? Or used w/o warranty?

Edit: Nevermind, found it way at the bottom, 3 year Onkyo.

3 Year Onkyo

AVS Forum has a lot of reading on older
Onkyo receivers and Onkyo extended their warranty to cover them. Read here:

I ordered the TX-NR626 3+ years ago. It’s been pretty great, but there was a time about two years ago when it would lose audio after 30-60 min. I thought i’d have to tear it open and replace the suspect caps, but it mostly stopped doing that. Now, once every six months maybe it loses audio. HDMI board failures ARE a thing with Onkyo (though i’m not saying “exclusively with Onkyo”).

The TX-NR626 is a good receiver, but buyers should beware that they use capacitors seem marginally adequate and might be pushed past their limits. If it fails Onkyo might fix, or you can find someone who knows how to solder, or fix it yourself.

EDIT: Wanted to reiterate that my Onkyo receiver i ordered from Woot a few years ago is NOT this model. And even with a small temporary hiccup with audio loss a couple years ago, i’m glad i bought it.

YouTube tutorials on replacing the caps
[]How to fix an Onkyo receiver - TX-SR60
]How To Fix the Onkyo TX SR606 & SR607 HDMI Input Problem

I knew as soon as I saw this that the first post would be “OH NOES HDMI BOARD ISSUES!!!” and was not disappointed.

On one hand I’m happy to have any company learn the lesson that if you screw up quality and don’t make your customers happy you will pay long term.

On the other hand I hate to see potential deal-getters turned off by what amounts to fake news.

I have followed HT receivers closely on AVS Forum and elsewhere. There was a generation of Onkyos that had bad HDMI connectors, and the company made it worse by handling it poorly. They also suffered, along with the rest of the electronics industry, from the flood of bad/counterfeit capacitors. (See Capacitor plague - Wikipedia ) Both of these issues are old news. Right now there is NO indication that Onkyo has any pervasive quality issues with current products.

Come on, folks, this thing comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. When was the last time you saw that on Woot?

Maybe time to let Onkyo re-join polite society.

Does internet radio capable mean it has an internet tuner?

Here’s to hoping the RZ810 hits soon. I need a 3 zone receiver with all the bells and whistles

I have an older THX bad ass Onkyo receiver that has powered through everything, even my dog taking a piss on it. Before this one, I had another Onkyo that lasted so long I got antsy and gave it away; that motha is still trucking along too.

While I’m sure Onkyo has had their problems, I think it’s important to note​ that people tend to voice their dissatisfaction a lot louder than their satisfaction. Does that mean Onkyo never had a bad run on equipment? Nah, I have no idea. But my circumstantial evidence should hold about as much weight as any random complaint.

I bought this unit when it was offered last time.

It has plenty of usable inputs, internet radio, wifi, bluetooth, and other features, however the one thing I am disappointed with is the sound quality.

I replaced a fully working 12 year old Insignia 7.2 non-HDMI 100w per channel unit. There was nothing wrong with it except I wanted a newer more modern unit. Anyway getting back to the Onkyo RZ610, it’s sounds are not as loud and vibrant as my old one.

Maybe I need to upgrade my speakers, but that is a big disappointment if I have to replace everything, which I was not planning to do.

For Atmos to work on the RZ610 one needs a special Atmos rated and built speaker. This will be on the list if WOOT ever has them on sale.

I guess the second DAC for Zone 2 means any source can play in that zone? My circa 2009 Onkyo receiver (still going strong, BTW)can only play analog to Zone 2 which I forgot about but was reminded last week when I bought a optical digital cable for my Chromecast Audio to stream to my deck speakers (and it didn’t work).