Onkyo TX-RZ810 7.2Ch A/V Receiver

Bought one of these off Amazon for $1,000 about four months ago. An unbelievably powerful and clean receiver. Well worth this price-might but another one for insurance. Strongly recommend.

How about just buying one for me and you can over and listen to it once in a while? Lol

save your money. don’t buy it. it will be a paper weight in about a year or so.

Under the heading Auto Speaker Calibration W/Mic. It says: AccuEQ w/AccuReflex.

Does it come with the calibration mic? I don’t see it listed as included in the box, but it also says that only non-essential items are missing.

Yes, that’s what AccuEQ is.


More Info from Onkyo

A quick google search shows me that this thing is at a price point of $699

Thats kind of no where near $1399

Might have been worth $1000 last year when it first came out. Normally comes with a 3 year warranty. I would pay $100 more for the new one. 30 days warranty is taking a big chance on Onkyo’s HDMI board.