Onkyo TX-SR494 7.2 Ch. 4K AV Receiver

Onkyo TX-SR494 7.2 Ch. 4K AV Receiver

Every manufacturer can and has had buggy products. AV Receivers are no longer simply ”audio-video” equipment. They are specialized and complex computers with audio-video capabilities. Designed and built by audio companies with little computer design lineage.

But we’ve now had too many bugs with our Pioneer-Onkyo (they’re one company) equipment. The latest bugs mean our AVR is now relegated to audio-only service and we’re back to using the TV to switch video.

Hopefully the latest generations have become more reliable - until proven so, we’ll be avoiding Pioneer-Onkyo.

Hi there. Soooooo, to protect other market listings, we’re listing this as “new, open box” but they may look and seem new when you receive them.

I have a Pioneer SC-LX501 that has worked nearly flawlessly with my Sony TV, Verizon cable box, and Nintendo Switch. The only time it get confusing is when you turn on a new video source… it automatically switches to the new source even if you didn’t really want it to. You can turn that behavior off, though.

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