Online banking survey


Do you pay your bills and do your banking online? Have you had any problems?


yes, yes, no

try presidential savings, ing for good rates


I’ve done online banking since way back in the 1980s when it was DOS based and our bank was one of the first to offer it. I swear by it and have never gone back. I have had no problems.

I use Microsoft Money so I can download my payments into something I can manage and organize. You can also pay bills just strictly online. I prefer it this way. I balance the checkbook in 2 clicks, about 10 seconds.

I currently use Chase.


I transfer funds, but that’s all I do online. I don’t like to have large sums of money in my checking so I put it all in savings and transfer it when I need it.

Is Money or Quicken better?


That is another nice thing… I can transfer money to my son’s account with just a couple clicks.

As to Money vs Quicken – They’re both good. Obvisously I use Money. If you type MONEY VS QUICKEN in google, you’ll find some head-to-head reviews of them.


We do banking and bill payment online. It’s nice to not have to keep up with checks.
We use a check card for most all purchases, and even have direct deposit. The
people at the bank have just about forgotten what I look like in person.


I personally use chase to do all my online banking.
the cell phone, utilities, grocery stores all bill my credit cards. a couple of clicks a month and everyone is paid.


Explain it in detail.

  1. You put X amount into an account online at Chase.

lots of people would love to know what X is. what makes you think i’m gonna tell you?


You set it up with them through your normal checking account… you don’t need a separate account at all. Instead of writing checks, you’ll enter them either on their website or through something like Microsoft Money or Quicken. The bank then either sends the funds electronically (larger accounts like utilities & charge cards) or sends a check (smaller places). You’ll pay a monthly fee for the service. I think mine is $5 or something like that. The only think you’ll need to get used to is there’s about a 5 day lead time from when you enter the payment to when they’ll receive it. Once you get used to it though, you’ll love it.

When I go into MS Money, I tell it to connect to the bank. It downloads all debits and deposits and updates my account. You don’t have to hand enter anything except names on paper checks that you write and you won’t be doing that as much. Almost all debit card purchases will show the merchant.


For heaven’s sake, I was using X as an amount to open an account. I could (and obviously should) have said, 1. You put money into an account online at Chase.


Let’s use a utility as an example. The utility sends the bill to the bank? I assume electronically? How do you know how much the bill was? Just take the bank’s word for it when you check online?


How I do mine.

I get a paper bill from the cable company. I open the envelope. I say “Man what the hell
why is my bill so high?” Look at bill, remember I bought some PPV movies. Go to the
computer, sign into the bank website and in to my account. Go to the bill pay link,
input the amount of the bill, input what day I want to pay it. Double check the
info I just entered. Click the o.k. button a couple of times so that it post the
payment. Shred the cable bill so mrs. czar doesn’t see those PPV movie titles.


Almost forgot, in as little as two days the bill will be paid from my account. I can even
change or cancel the payment if I decide to do it before the bank posts the payment.


lol I misunderstood… I do my banking at chase


Does yours work the same way as Czar’s?


Do you then get an ordinary paper statement from the bank?


yes except for the ppv


I do


You don’t buy any ppv’s?