Online Debate Team



Obligatory xkcd reference:


I am offended that this shirt assumes someone is “wrong.” That’s incredibly judgemental. I am also offended that the artist named himself “roc.” That is immodest. I am further offended that this shirt is the color of money. Now we know what Woot is really about.



A simple laugh but a satisfactory one.


Does this now constitute our uniform? May we paint our faces in support of our team?


I don’t online debate well even though I’m highly opinionated. Internets people are mean. I’m staying out of this one. ducks and hides


The best part of any Online Debate is the “Vitriolic Freeform Cross Examination” part.


For those that don’t know, green is for the money, gold is for the honeys. Also, the game is to be sold, not told.


The “XXL” is an insult! Beration I tell ya! It insinuates that only large people have time to debate on the internet! All of you (derogatory name)s just (rabble rabble) because you don’t understand (blah blah) and refuse to read the wiki.


I find the map of states buying this shirt to be very intriguing. Why Montana? Why not any of the states bordering the east side of the Mississippi?..


Man this shirt would be great without the “someone on the Internet is wrong”


Darn it woot, why does it have to be in the ugly blue-green color? (Yeah, you call it “green” but that’s a lie.)


Starting with this shirt. >_>

XXL isn’t valid roman numerals. Only one number is supposed to be subtracted from larger numbers, so while XXL could be read as 30 it’s supposed to be XXX.

Would this shirt then qualify as troll bait? o.O


Okay, I can’t be the only one who thought of our own community, and Adder in particular when this shirt came up. No offense meant, because I’m guilty (honored?) by this designation as well.


It’s a size, not a year. What are you, minnow-bait or something? YOUR WRONG!!!11






Odyssey, this is hysterical! In for TWO!


I’d like this one a lot more if it didn’t employ the trendy “distressed” style graphics.


So in what messed up world can I order a shirt that says, “XXL” on the front, but comes in a small?

The visual dissonance of my absurdly tiny frame wearing something proclaiming my size to be that of a much larger man is worth the price of admission.