Only the Crap Die Young 89kj89dj8

Only the Crap Die Young 89kj89dj8
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days. (Thursday, May 25 to Friday, May 26) + transit
Condition: Musically Crappy


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FIRST (Not sucker)

Got one! Been a while. Yay?

Boosh! Grabbed one

Yea! Now I can go back to work!

missed again. :frowning:

I had it — but said cancelled for some reason!
:frowning: so I don’t have it anymore

Sa-WING and a miss.


Welcome To The Vestibule Of Patience #2

Currently still sitting in the Vestibule of Pain, assuming I won’t get one.

Probably sold out while you were purchasing. Get 'em next time!

Yay, I got one!!! So excited :slight_smile:

Why did I get:

Denied: We ran out of BOCs before we even took your money so we denied your order to end the process.

**Canceled: ** We ran out of BOCs right after we had processed your payment. We cancelled the order to reverse the payment.

got mine for the wootoff. Guess this means I don’t have to stalk woot on my phone as hard during work today. Does this mean I have to watch the patients more now instead :confused:

VoP, why you so cruel??

>Uh-oh. Some stuff sold out and was yanked from your cart. You missed:
Bag o’ Crap

Aaaaand missed it again…


These suckers are going QUICK!!! I’m thinking the twitter feed is updating about 45 seconds faster thank wootstalker, woot app, and woot!

Wow, three Woot-offs in a row getting a BOC and no crashing. I guess that hamster running the old servers must have finally retired and they upgraded to a guinea pig or something…