Only the forums are loading?

help… only the forums are loading. I cannot see any sales


Same here for about 10 min.

Ditto. WiFi, LTE, multiple browsers and public IPs. WootStalker is somehow still pulling new deals though.

Server crash at Woot?

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maybe through twitter or other postings. weird that the forums are hosted separately from website? maybe not that weird


Cannot buy if we cannot see or connect…

Yeah, and people said I was overreacting when the site crashed earlier for a BOC and I complained. I feel like Amazon of all companies can afford to have big beefy servers that can handle this traffic. This is unusually sloppy for Woot. I’m used to having items sniped out of my cart, or sitting in the VOP for a while. This is just an unusually large and frequent outage compared to previous woot offs and even birthday events…

Folks complain about “missing the old Woot”. Well, here we have it. Server crashes were part of the old Woot.


Me, too. Also having trouble where I can’t be logged into Woot through Amazon and the forums at the same time. If I log in with Amazon, it logs me out of the forums. If I log into the forums…

Oh my god. I know. But not this bad and not site wide. Just let me have my opinion thx

If only there was access to some sort of large-scale cloud hosting web service with the ability to auto-scale the webfarms based on demand, this could have been prevented! Amazon should consider investing in this new paradigm! :rofl:

I’m also glad to hear that other people are having problems getting Woot to load. I was afraid it was just me (just my system having problems).

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The old server crashes were sitewide too.

hmmm… microsoft azure?

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I dont care. It should have been fixed.

So what you’re saying is that Woot needs to add moar cats?

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I think this is just their way of testing how AWS will handle prime day

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gosh… I hope not.

dovetails with my prime experience last year…pages wouldn’t load, couldn’t buy…was weird that no-one was talking about it ('cept on twitter) but i finally gave up.