Only This and Nothing More


I love the colors on this one!

Poe Who?

The Eagle says: You are all WEIRDOS.


This is a great fall shirt, with just a touch of creepy.

But what does the fox say?


Nice use of complimentary colors! Blue and orange.

The swallow says, “This coconut is really heavy.”

Cool design and I like Poe. However, I’m not a fan of large graphics that cover the full shirt. To me, it’s like shouting or using all caps.

That thing he’s perched on looks more like a chess pawn than a pallid bust of Pallas. Just sayin’.

Very moody, love the color split. Great art, Partrick.

Great design.

At first glance, I thought the write-up was a parody of ‘What does the Fox Say’, but glad to see it was not.

Editors: Link is broken for Alex… (last line). Worth fixing IMO.

I love this shirt. For those of us who teach “The Raven” every single year and have for decades, there can never be enough Raven/Nevermore shirts. A lot of Shirt.Woot’s offerings have allowed me to wear t-shirts during the schoolday because they are relevant to the discussion, and that can be priceless. Otherwise, it’s fun to be out in public with them and see who remembers Poe from school and who LOVES Poe, as the reactions are quite different!

This is a great design… Almost but not entirely unlike a pre-Whovian Tardis?

The Duck says:

The cat says, “I can has cheezburger?”

The dog says, “Wow. Such animals. Very quotes.”

The fox says, “Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!”

Another great All Hallows Eve shirt from Woot. They ought to gather all the past ones and put them together for a special sale.

What a great derby this was if this shirt only came in third. First-place-worthy designs for all three!

Awe Man! Can we get this as a zip up hoodie, Tote and Journals pretty pretty please!

It’s a good design, and I enjoy the way the colors are vibrant, yet still give the image a dark atmosphere…but I admit my heart will always be with Nevermore. (Still sad to not see it in the Reckoning.)