Ontario Knife Plain Edge Folding Knife

These appear to be on the WOOT! tab
The only thing I have been seeing on the main woot tab is whatever the top sale is (currently pellet smoker) the gadget week banner
best sellers, new deals, last chance
video, blog, asks, chatter

that’s it
no collection of sales as previous design

So with the ontario sale they seem to be there - can’t get to them or see them.

Hmm. Here’s the link

Yeah, not what I mean - found them but they aren’t showing up on the main page or community.
so how many other collections of sales are hiding like this.
This wasn’t a problem until the change in format
So I click on some tab (say electronics) and I see Vizio soundbars at top (equivalent to woot tab of pellet smoker)
Then on electronics I see the sony blue ray them amcrest surveillance etc… etc…
on the woot tab NO collections are there (like the Ontario obviously should be)

They do show up in the community, under the “Woots” tab, you just have to go back a couple pages. I’m checking on the sale thing; sorry, I misread your initial post.

UPDATE: So if you hover over the top tabs for each category, you can see the Plus sales there, too. Hope that helps!

Yes on Laptop - didn’t notice before on laptop
no on my phones nor tablets even though clicking once on tab brings up list on all other tabs, clicking a second time goes to tab’s page.
and not even on note where hovering over tabs with pen brings up list (acts like mouse-over on all pages I’ve noticed everywhere except woot tab vs laptop) and tapping pen enters… no list on main “woot!” tab

with laptop, at least now that I’ve paid attention, mouse-over does bring up “woot!” tab list as you show.