Ontrion B500 Bluetooth Headsets - 2 Pack

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Ontrion B500 Bluetooth Headsets - 2 Pack
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Are these any different than the LG Tone 730’s?

I have LG 740’s or 760’s (can’t recall) and a pair of these.

The clarity of the LG at low volume is just stellar while these seem muffled and indistinct. But then I’m old and hard of hearing.

However I think these are a good value and have more than adequate sound quality at “normal” volumes. (I wear mine to bed and listen to a book at 3/4 speed with the volume way-way down.)

These are a little easier to feel/learn the buttons than the LG is if your fingers have lost their sensitivity.

I’m curious how you found a pair of these. Google has absolutely zilch on Ontrion B-Series B500 that isn’t this very deal. Google Shopping has never heard of them.

Not a lot of info, but…

I don’t see a skip ahead/back button on the left side. This is a big feature of the lg for listening to podcasts or books.

Thanks for the effort, but that page has less information than WOOT provided, not that WOOT gave all that much information.

Sorry to be dense, but do you have to use the earbuds to hear phone calls or music? Put another way, do these work as personal speakers?

I have a pair… and do not know how to wear them, I guess you hang the ring around your neck and plug them put in the ear bud’s .
get a pretty with a big smile wearing them.

Is it just me, or is there a higher-than-usual rate of nonsensical posts on this?

Will these work with the bluetooth on my laptop?

Will the Bluetooth work with a 5s iphone

I have a set and the work good. They have quite a long pick up away from my iPhone.
I use them while working out at the gym.
I easily get quite a distance from my phone and they hold the connection.
I give them a thumbs up!

Yes, if your device supports Bluetooth, pair the headsets with it and you’ll be ready to go.

thanks thunderthighs :wink:


thanks - I like them at low volume too, same reason and have found the real LG to be much better at that.