Ontrion B500 Bluetooth Headsets - 2 Pack

Can I use these with my television that is Bluetooth equipped…Inexperienced!

I have a bluetooth headset that looks exactly like these ones that I bought off Amazon last July branded “EGRD”. It’s an older model that is no longer sold, but at the time I bought them there were at least a half dozen identical looking models being offered under various brands. I’m guessing they’re all made by the same manufacturer and just re-branded by resellers.

I got mine for $20 and found it to be a good value, so 2 for $26 seems pretty good to me. The controls sit on the left side when worn around the neck, which I thought was weird at first for right handers, but in some ways it’s easier to reach over from right-to-left than to adjust controls from right-to-right (which is what I have to do on a different around-the-neck headset I have). There’s a +/- button that can be used to skip forward/backward using a short press and adjust volume using a long press. The single round button is used for play/pause (when listening to music) or pickup/hangup (for phone calls), and there’s an off/on slider. Battery life is OK – not as good as other more expensive models, but certainly good enough to get through a day of fairly heavy use. Reception is probably the weakest part – when walking around outside listening to music, I’ve noticed I sometimes get interference if I put my phone (Galaxy S6) in my rear right pocket. However, if I keep my phone on my left side, or in the front, there’s no issues. (For indoor use I don’t have any issues).

ok - I got these - and can’t pair either of them – the instructions say press the multifunction button for 5 seconds and look for a blue light – should be in pairing mode – it never appears to be blue – I’ve tried it with a galaxy 6 and a galaxy tablet both. Anyone have any luck in pairing these things – very disappointed at the moment.

Upon more investigation – looks like it never gets to be blue but flashes quickly red – that puts it in pairing mode. Hope this helps someone else –

also the “manual” says to “move the witch to the ON position to enter matching status” – I tried but I couldn’t find the “on” button on my ex-wife – one reason she is my ex-wife. :slight_smile: