Oo, anonymous hypotheticals are fun: If you were offered a secret $300k BUT you had to secretly authorize your entire team at work to be fired, would you:

I would say yes mainly because I started my job a few months ago and haven’t built any relationships with anyone yet.

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anonymous hypotheticals are not fun.

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20 years in my current profession and with two companies. Probably says more about me than anything else but I wouldn’t consider any of my work colleagues to be my friends. Focused on family and my job that entire time.

I would take the money.


Why would they have to be your friends? Doesn’t knowing they would be out of jobs because of your choice be enough?


Maybe they’re incompetent or a$$holes. Like the guys I work with.

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I would take it. I’m the only person on my team!

300K would pay off all my mortgage, all of my bills, and leave a healthy amount in the bank.

In order to save my salary, which is substantially less than 300K, my employer, if it benefited them, would fire me in a minute.

My co-workers are cutthroat and have stabbed me in the back for petty, non money issues, and have certainly worked to keep me off of more profitable projects.

Also, for me, this would allow me to better provide for my two disabled adult age children.

So all that being said I would certainly take the money and wish the fired folks the best of luck in their lives.

Merry Christmas!

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No way! Not with how well I know the people that work for me and how much there job means to them.

Funny, the people I work with aren’t incompetent or a$$holes, and that’s exactly why I answered yes. My teammates would do just fine getting new jobs. Others that left recently have done much better by leaving.

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Yes, I have a small staff. I would share the wealth and they would make way more than I’m paying them now!

Ugh, Mama’s got a 14yo son at home with ASD, chronic illnesses and a nonexistent “Dad”. 300k is life changing. :confused:

I don’t have a team but no; I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I put money before my hypothetical coworkers. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I’m self-employed. Pay up and I’ll be glad to fire myself.


In a heart beat!!! I don’t work, so I would fire myself!