Oodles Of Tool-dles

What are sizes of the 3 boxes, says sizes below but there’s nothing.

A caliper set can be vernier, dial, or digital: but not a combination of any of those. The descriptor is how the measurement is read, not the design of the caliper.

In this case the black 6" non-digital caliper is a dial caliper.

It does not have a vernier scale.

absolutely don’t get this if you’re thinking about it! You’ll be better off with anything else! …extremely cheap quality! …the screwdriver and socket set that is…

Okay, I hate to pile on twice in an event, but I also take issue with the aluminum box description: “they keep your items from heat and extreme cold”.

Now aluminum is a lot of things, but an insulator is not one of them. In fact it’s a fantastic conductor, so the contents of your aluminum box will very closely mirror the ambient temperature on the outside of the box. If it’s hot outside, the contents of your box will be hot; if “extreme cold” is where the box is, well guess what, so is whatever is inside the box.

What is the temperature rating for the welding gloves?

The tabletop vice is almost $10 cheaper on Amazon.


http://www.amazon.com/Stalwart-75-3789-Aluminum-Storage-Lockable/dp/B002NZRFBM from the mothership man… looks like a cool way to store some art supplies.

Stalwart - 75-52000 - Deluxe Digital Caliper SAE or Metric

$12 buck on Amazon…plus 3 shipping…rated bad

Stalwart - 75-4850 - 6" Dial Vernier Caliper

rated as junk on Amazon…fell apart when it was opened…

You’re going to have to explain “vernier” to this crowd. Except “thee and me” no one will understand.

This might help, and it’s got pictures!


If they can’t get the label (Vernier Caliper) correct, did you REALLY expect them to get the product correct?

Passing, and passing on this (these) brand(s).


amazon.com has this same item for $27.09 (free S&H if bundled w/ items for a total of $35.00). Thus, it’s cheaper on amazon, when including woot’s shipping cost. As for size, amazon states (7 x 4 x 1.75-Inch, 8 x 5 x2-Inch, 9 x 6 x 2.5-Inch), as well as 17 customer reviews 4 1/2 stars.

Wow, woot! Did you guys go on a huge shopping spree down at Harbor Freight, pay retail and then jack up the price a little to cover your gas money?

All of this stuff isn’t worth buying, especially at the prices listed. Do yourself a favor, woot, and end this sale early. We can all just pretend that we didn’t see it.

In this case it is not a caliper at all. Just something that resembles a caliper…
This black 4850 caliper is made from cheap plastic. Seriously these are useless.

This black 4850 caliper is made from cheap plastic.

These “calipers” can be quite useful around the shop. With that use being as a loaner to people who always misuse tools…Sure it may be a passive aggressive way to prove a point but it is worth the laugh for everyone else.

The "allen"keys are not hex keys at all. They are torx wrenches,use them as hex and they will shortly strip
the screw or the wrench itself.The package is mislabled or at the very least disingenuous.

What a coincidence! Just this morning I used one of these clamps that are for sale here for the first time, and it broke immediately. Like completely broken, next stop trash can.

It broke so easily that it literally made me laugh out loud instead of frustrated.

Please don’t buy them. I give them negative infinity stars.

I was using it to clamp the exact same two pieces of wood that fit into a notch together that I’ve clamped together countless times without problems with a similar tool made by Irwin.

It’s actually useful that you didn’t say the symbol size of the letter/number stamp set; a quick search turned up numerous poor reviews and images of the stamp face shows no consistency in symbol orientation.