Ooma HD2 Handset Add-On Thingy

how much…??

I know it’s early, but the price is usually on the page preceded by a “$” symbol and some numbers.

Since you missed it, the price is $39.99.

It’s cheaper on Amazon.com right now, as there is a $25 coupon you can clip. It is $59.99 on there, then you clip the $25 off coupon, it becomes $35. Plus it is Prime eligible on there.

Here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/Ooma-HD2-Handset-Phone-Device/dp/B00A14ZUGE

With all that being said, I have had Ooma for years now and am very pleased with it and how it allowed me to ‘stick it’ to Verizon in my area for land line service. The thing I don’t like is the original Ooma handset I have. It is very cheap feeling. From the overall build quality to the feel of button presses, it’s just cheap. I’ve read reviews on this ‘2md generation’ handset and it seems that ‘cheapness’ in button pushes and the feel of the directional button are still there. For the $35 on Amazon, I’d say it’s a good price if you need to add extra handsets around your home if you have Ooma but anymore money (Like $40 for a refurbished unit, tax and $5 shipping on top of that) and I’d say look at Panasonic models or wait for perhaps a 3rd generation of these handsets.

Hi, where is the $25 coupon? Thank you.

Under the price, it says you save and then under that there was a thing on mine that said clip coupon $25. Click it and it applies the $25 off when you make it to the end of the checkout process.

Since I clipped mine already I cannot tell you the exact wording of what it says as mine now says “Coupon:
Saving $25.00 more”

When I went to the page after searching Amazon I was logged into my Amazon account, and I am Prime under my wifes Prime acount. If you cannot see the $25 off coupon, could that affect it showing up, I dunno…

Edit: Yup, I went to a different browser and went to Amazon using my dads account, no Prime, and it’s not showing up. Odd, never knew coupons showed up for some and not all.

Wonder if it has to do with how many are available at the nearest Amazon warehouse. Prime member here in SC, no discount.

I am also very satisfied with my Ooma service but wanted to chime in on the handset. It stinks. I bought one the last time they were offered here and regret that I wasted $40. It’s really cheap. Like I don’t want to hold it in my hands because it’s so cheap. The HD2 handset is the most disappointing gear I’ve bought, maybe ever, but at least in as long as I can remember. The buttons are hard to use (can you believe that it’s even possible to screw up a button for Pete’s sake?), the interface is almost impossible to navigate, the screen backlight doesn’t turn off at all, even when “off” – I keep it facing the wall in the bedroom because light bleeds around the edges of the ‘black’ screen. I could go on and on but I’ve been actively trying to forget that I spent money on it. It’s just junk. Don’t buy it.

On the positive side, the sound quality is pretty good and the battery lasts a long time if you can suffer through using the darn thing.

I don’t think it feels that cheap. It’s kind of an awkward shape to hold, but I wouldn’t say it feels cheap. Buttons seem fine.
Yes, the interface is poor. Reminds me of arrowing through menus to get to your contact list on old cell phones.
I haven’t had the same issues with the backlight. When it’s off the charger, my screen turns off and I don’t notice any light bleed.

Would appreciate more opinions on this handset. I have been a happy Ooma customer for a couple years. Considered adding this to my system.

By the way, anyone heard about this new Ooma device announced that is like a personal safety alert or something?

Some pros of this handset:
-It’s wireless: it doesn’t have to be connected to the Ooma base with a cord, so you can place the charging base anywhere in the house. This is nice if you don’t have a multi-phone cordless phone base already.
-It automatically syncs your Ooma contacts: You can look-up your contacts numbers’ from the handset so you don’t have to remember them.
-It’s pretty light
-Battery lasts quite awhile
-Sound is clear
-Can be used to “intercom” with the normal phone connected to the Ooma base.
-Has caller ID display
-Displays when you’ve missed calls or have voicemail

-Doesn’t ring terribly loud
-Speaker phone isn’t very loud
-Screen stays lit while on charging base (good if you want to use it as a clock)
-Sleek form (shape) may cause you to drop it if trying to hold against your shoulder (right into the toilet)

Tempting, but pass, I think.

I am still using my old school wireless handset, just plug whatever phone you like in the ooma, you don’t have to buy their handsets.

My older ooma handset eats expensive batteries. If the newer model was a big upgrade and did not eat expensive batteries, I might bite for some better clarity.

Just my two cents.
I have the first generation handset. That thing was more expensive that the “run-of-the-mill” Uniden handsets that I connected to the Ooma telo. When the batteries died on both the Ooma handset and Uniden handset, I was in for a surprise. I was able to buy a replacement battery for cheap at Walmart for the Uniden handset but I had to pay about 3 times for the Ooma handset battery because no retailer has the kind of battery that Ooma handset holds. I spent like a week researching that. Finally, I decided to retire the Ooma handset and just using Uniden handset as they are about the same performance-wise for me.
Hope it is useful in considering the purchase.

It lacks heft and makes creaking noises if you press the buttons firmly, which you must do for them to register.

My issue with the backlight is when it’s in the charger. The screen is black, but the backlight stays on.

BTW, the one I have now is my second one. Based on my experience the Telo, I figured the HD2 I got from Woot was defective so I sent it back to Ooma and got an A stock model. Unfortunately, it was exactly the same at the refurb.

Someone on the Ooma Telp VoIP discussion noted:

>>You can NOT listen to the message as it’s being left unless you pay for premier service which I think it $10/month. I had it for a month or two as a free trial and it was fine but I could live without the extra features so I didn’t sign up for it when it was done.<<

Will the Ooma work well with a wireless setup that has several Uniden cordless phones with an answering system built into the hub base?

So far I don’t need the answering machine from the Uniden. The answering machine on the Ooma Telo is working good enough for me. Again, I don’t need the fancy bells and whistles.