Ooma Hub VOIP Phone Device w/ $20 Credit for International Calls

Looks pretty cool. Tony Stark would have one in his office.

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Previous woot for an Ooma product: the Telo VoIP Home Phone System


This hooks up via internet. I heard, although I can’t remember why, that you want a hard-wired phone. Anyone agree/disagree?

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My only wish is that it looked as good as the Telo :-/

I actually bought one of these back in May, already paid off itself and saving $40 a month. You can port your current number for a fee as well. (I also received Prime Time for 6 months when I ported my number)

Would get one if I didn’t already have one for the last 23 months! Broke-even ages ago. Works great and I couldn’t recommend enough.

Got the Telo a fews weeks back on Woot and so far so good. Telo works great and we haven’t had any problem with the service.

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Is this new???

come on woot where are the phones. You sold 1500 of these two weeks ago now this. PHONES PLEASE. FYI Mine that I got last week works great. Signed up for one year of premire service (which gave me 14 months with the two free months they offered) and waiting for the free phone to arrive. Just would like another phone for another floor of the house.

Do you ever get the idea that Woot! purposely places the most random items for sale, just to see if people will actually buy them?

I bet that in their office, they have a pool going for which randomly-selected item will finally bomb out on sales.

Sneaky Woot! staff >=]

Does this have the annual fee on this model?

did they get this backwards:

this is the Hub, not the Telo. But the Hub has a USB port.

Also, what good is the USB port? I know they say future expansion, but what would that be?

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I’ve owned a unit for almost 1 year and I haven’t paid a phone bill the entire time. The only yearly cost you will encure is about $12 for yearly access fee. This is the not only free telephone but the quality is great. There are times it breaks up but that is a rarity. The newer model “The Tele” is better technology but this works just fine. Costco has it new for $180.

I have this Hub core system and I love it.

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Is the voice clarity good and the connection dependable, like a traditional phone?

Obligatory video review:


^ pretty detailed, pros and cons FTW!