Ooma Hub VOIP Phone Device w/ $20 Credit for International Calls

Didn’t we already have one of these today?

Awesome! I’ve passed up 20 previous opportunities to buy this. Now it’s 21!

Didn’t they have a VoIP on here this morning? WTF?


voip box. fail.

Bought the mouse… But I’m not buying this…

Wow, that’s quite a deal. I paid $200+ for mine awhile back. Best investment ever.

What in the Woot is this??

Uma? nooo oooma!

I really hope there are only 2 of these

What the hell is that thing?

Woot, don’t f’in replace W.T.F. with PWND…I f’in have “PWND”…grrrrrr…

Ooma - Oprah. Oprah - Ooma.

w00t, you’re freakin’ kidding me!

Money talks, I guess.

So whatever didn’t sell out in the Amazon lightning deals comes to the woot-off?

Oh, and anyone happen to know why Woot seems to not be compatible with IE8 today?

Thank goodness for Woot, how else would Ooma get rid of their VOIP hubs.

glad this came up, now I can go to lunch without fear of missing anything!

I nominate this post as a Quality Post…

(and I’m not even kidding, I think it’s a quite fair point)…