Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System w/ Linx

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Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System w/ Linx
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Sure would be nice if Ooma would drop the taxes and fees that every other VoIP service has since dropped. Ooma’s “free” service now costs more than some paid services.

If Ooma would drop the taxes and fees, I’d upgrade to Telo. I got Ooma because it had no recurring fees. The equipment cost ten years of some of the other guys’ service (at the time $200), but it was all up-front.

As it is, I’ll stay with my Hub and two Scouts for as long as they last. If they ever die, I’ll probably just drop them, now that I have a company-provided cellphone.

Though for people who are really still using a landline, they need to move to something like this. There’s no comparison with some $30/month phone service - it costs less and you get more.

I have had Ooma for years and I love it. Works flawlessly and the cost is very low. I totally recommend this if you like having a home line with tons of features.

I bought my Ooma a few years ago and love it. I pay under $5/month for phone service (taxes) - cell phones do not work in my neighborhood, no matter the provider.

So, Amazon has Ooma alone for the same price, with Prime: http://www.amazon.com/Ooma-Telo-Free-Phone-Service/dp/B00I4XMEYA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1456399679&sr=8-1&keywords=ooma

The Linx is $38 extra but it isn’t clear to me what use it will be for me; maybe someone here can help me understand: http://www.amazon.com/Ooma-Linx-Wireless-Accessory-Office/dp/B00A35WSEI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1456399771&sr=8-1&keywords=ooma+linx

Trying to figure out true TCO; found: http://www.ooma.com/savings/

Cost of Premier is harder to find: http://www.ooma.com/rates/

The Linx is optional and connects wirelessly to the main Telo base. You can use the Linx as a wireless phone jack for another spot in your home. I just used the existing home wiring instead (after disconnecting from the wireline carrier), but the Linx is an option for locations that don’t already have a phone jack.

You have to keep your old service for a month if you are transferring your old phone number…!

I’m just out of reach of all carrier towers as well. Bought my Ooma from Woot! about 6 weeks ago and couldn’t be happier with the service. I can finally make phone calls from my house for $4.26 a month.

I agree with the other ooma fans. Just over $4 a month and it works great. Like the other poster said, you can use multiple phones without the linx thing if you just plug into your existing jacks (after disconnecting the Telco service @ the box). Work provides me with a cell phone, but if I’m home (I work from home a couple days per week), you can’t beat the quality of a real phone and voip.

Can’t beat an ObiHai adapter and google voice, FREE. Works great, call quality is amazing, $0/mo, and that includes taxes :slight_smile:

I use a power-line adapter so I can place the base anywhere in the house I want, and use a Panasonic DECA 6.0 cordless phone with 5 extensions, so a cordless handset is available in every room in the house. It has built-in intercom, easy to call one of the kids if need be, love it!

On the other line of the Obihai (I got the 110 model) I have VOIP service from zadarma.com, which gives me a landline number in Israel for $4/mo. Receiving calls is free, only outgoing costs a few pennies.

Advice: Wait until this is offered without Linx (it appears often here). That’s not an accessory many will need/use.

Agree. If you are using this to replace traditional land line, once you swap the service entrance to Ooma, all your house phone jacks work just like the used to. The only way you know it’s Ooma is thr “briing” tone instead of the traditional dial tone. The Link could be useful if you need a temporary jack but since most of us use cordless phone now, even that need is unlikely.

In today’s deal these Telos are new. Most times woot has them as refurbs.

Been using my refurb from woot for about 3yrs now.Paid the same price as todays without the linx unit. Works well most of the time except when there is internet congestion or internet is disrupted (rarely). Not Ooma’s fault. Voice is clear and loud. I use cordless phones so the linx unit would not benefit me much. Costs me just under $4 month taxes.

ObiHai is a great, free, VoIP alternative to the low cost Ooma. Be aware that, as far as I know, ObiHai’s option doesn’t provide for 911 service - that’s where the taxes and fees of the Ooma come in to play.

In the product description it states that the basic calling service includes…

Unless they’ve already made a change since last month when they unveiled it, integration with (at least) Amazon Echo requires their upgraded subscription.

I’ve only had my Telo for about a month, but I’d never go back now. I cut my phone bill $80 a month by buying this little box. Except for a couple of hiccups services been good and voice quality is excellent. I opted for the premium service for the extra bells and whistles that I find handy. By paying a year in advance not only did I save the $40 number porting fee but they also took another $20 off.

If you or a loved one would benefit from an “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” button, Ooma has an optional “Safety Phone” pendant that can program up to six numbers to call in case of emergency, and also can be used as a speaker phone to answer calls when you’re away from the phone. All four a one time cost of $50. This option alone makes the system more valuable to me.

Although I’ve only had this a few weeks, I highly recommend Ooma.

Woot has been putting up some junk lately, but this one is worth the money. If you’re paying for a landline today (through a bundled service or otherwise), you’ll save yourself a ton of money every year with the Ooma. They are easy to set up (my 80 year old father in law did it by himself) and work great. Yes, you pay roughly $4 in taxes every month, and you have to pay $30 or so one time to keep your existing phone number, but that’s it. Get one!

Good information, but you need to upgrade to Premier service for this pendent.

I bought this during last X’Mas sale on Costco for $109 after the $20 off. So this looks like a better deal at $99 although the $5 charge on top of it makes it almost comparable to Costco’s offer. Got my home# transfered to Ooma in less than a month and knocked my landline charge from around $30 to just $4.95 and could not be more happy. Call quality is great. I was able to connect the Telo base unit via the Wifi Adapter to my Wireless Router and place it close to where my Panasonic base unit is as it needs to connect to the Telo unit.