Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System w/ Linx

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Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System w/ Linx
Price: $69.99
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Condition: New


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Note Price Drop!

This is a smoking good deal. I bought a refurb Ooma a year ago from the mothership and love it. I also bought a Linx to set my second phone line up as a fax.

Highly recommend!

Bought an Ooma Telo without the linx for around this price 2 years ago and never looked back! Love the service and have never had an issue. It’s almost too good to be true.

This is a great buy. Almost like getting the Linx for free! Ooma user for over 5 years now. Not a single issue.

Does this come with a handset?

Love my Ooma!! I’ve had a refurbished for over 5 years and pay less than $4.00/month. And I am connected to 911. I have poor cell phone reception in my home. This was the best money I have ever spent for any kind of service - it saves me hundreds of dollars per year. It was easy to set up and has perfect voice quality. If you need a land-line, this is a bargain.

Whereas I love my ooma and recommend it highly, this offer is not a bargain compared to the amazon deal of the day. $63.35 and prime so no shipping.

Woot in its current form doesn’t seem to appreciate it’s customers.

But the Amazon deal doesn’t include a Linx.

My bad! Failure on my part not catching the Linx module. Apologies all around.

Again, I love my Ooma and the service. No complaints about that.

Use your existing handset. I plug my cordless base into Ooma and have 5 phones located around the house. Additionally, I forward my cell to Ooma. Convenient laziness.

Frankly, the Linx is an unnecessary add-on. Never bothered to use.

Can anyone comment on a comparison of advantages/disadvantages with MagicJack? Also, how can the monthly charge be determined? TIA

The monthly charges are just std phone taxes. Mine is under $4.25 monthly.

There is a guestimator on the website.


Edit - Just checked for my zip code and it matched my last month’s payment.

These things “just work”. So long as you have a reliable internet connection, the Telo is just as good as a traditional telco phone service.

I’ve had mine since 2013 and it has been great. Mine is a woot refurb, no linx, and was $100 back then. I regularly see them at Costco for around $120.

Back then I was paying $40/mo for a basic no-caller-id no-long-distance phone line from “the phone company”.

My current “taxes and federal fees” on the Telo is $5.38/mo. I also paid the one-time $40 fee to have my old home number ported to the Telo.

Plugged it into the house phone jack (after unplugging “the phone company” at the junction box outside), and my woot-purchased Uniden cordless phone works just fine with it. Caller ID included. I prefer to use my phone’s answering machine, but have setup the Ooma voicemail to pick up after 7 rings and play a “we’re having problems with our phone, please call our mobiles” message.

Granted many people prefer to go cell-phone only. I myself still like having a “land line”. It’s the number I give to family and telemarketers so I’m not being bothered at work. I absolutely love having caller ID during election season.

One nit, and this is true of most internet-based phone services, is there can be a bit of a lag at times. It has gotten better, but every so often there is a noticeable half-second lag. If you have a northern mother like mine who talks a mile a minute and can’t let a half-moment of silence pass, you may need to remind them to take a breath and give you time to respond every so often.

My house doesn’t even have a regular phone jack in it, but we do have high speed internet. Could someone verify whether I would still be able to use this Ooma. I’ve never heard of this before. Thank you!

It’ll be the best thing you buy. I have the unit (w/o Linx) and my phone bill is $5. It was $30 with Vonage.

As one of the poster said, so long if you have a reliable internet connection and it is fast enough, nothing beats $5/month.

If you need to port your existing number, it’s a one time charge of $40. I did spent that $40 with no regrets.

I would anyone to get it, if they have good internet connection where they plan to hook this thing up.

Yes. You can get a base with a number of cordless phones (this is what we have), or with this deal you can use two wired phones: one plugged directly into the Ooma base, and one plugged in remotely to the Linx. You can also add Ooma handsets, but I’ve read mixed things about them.

No handset. This is a bridge between your router and a traditional phone jack. Plug one end into your router, and the other end into a standard phone.