Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

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Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System
Price: $79.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Apr 30 to Thursday, May 01) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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A stupidly good value on a VOIP system that lets you use your own handsets, supports 911 properly, and offers optional value-adds that are worth it.

Best item (new) i ever bought…great quality…i use my panasonic to BLOCK calls so i dont pay for premium services…I love that caller ID…my monthly fee is a BIG $3.75

What model Panasonic phone set are you using to block the calls. I’m currently paying 5 bucks just to block calls and would like to be able to block from the handset instead of paying an extra 5 bucks.

can i bring this unit to China and use it there? will the foreign IP address work?

Ooma’s a great deal; I got one a few weeks ago from the last Woot, and it’s an almost seamless replacement for my grossly-expensive Verizon landline.

Took three days to port my existing number over from the phone company, audio quality is close to wired, once I disconnected the outside wiring and plugged the Ooma into a phone jack, all my corded phones in the house worked as well.

It’s cool to get emails alerting me of missed calls and being able to listen to messages from any PC on their web site. But the best part is that it costs under $5 a month; Verizon was charging me $60 for similar services! Ouch!! So yeah, Ooma service pays for itself in like three months, and this refurb unit is almost half price at that. Buy one.

I have used my Ooma Telo for over a year and have not had any problems. Right now, I am living in Spain, and use the Ooma to keep a US number that rings where ever I am in the world. I have also integrated it with my Google Voice service, which is very convenient.

I have to say that I am a total fan of this service and have been completely thrilled with this product and the flexibility it gives me to move around the world and only need one phone number!

Be advised that call quality will suffer if your internet speed is on the slower side… this only became a problem if I was transferring files or emailing documents for work while trying to make a call. Now that I have upgraded to fiber-based internet (I used to have DSL 10/2), I have not had any problems at all, even while transferring large amounts of data.

I would call Ooma and ask. They have good customer service from my experience!

Prior to the Ooma purchase I was using DigitOne call blocker (~$100). Purchased new phones for the Ooma setup - Panasonic KX-TG6645B which will block up to 30 numbers. Like others, wired the Ooma through existing phone jacks and now use both. The DigitOne has a different blocking scheme, but holds more numbers (100+). If goofy robodialers persist, I use both.
Still looking to buy a second backup Ooma, but not a refurb.
Can’t emphasize enough the utility of grabbing uninterruptible power supplies for the modem, router, Ooma, phone base and, if applicable, call blocker. (Total of 2?)
~$4.90 a month vs. $65 to Verizon. The savings have more than covered all the hardware mentioned above. No brainer if you have hi-speed internet.

I just recently purchased an Ooma. Have not used it much, but call quality seems to be every bit as good as my way over-priced TWC VoIP service. Only I purchased a new Ooma for only $30 more and have a full 1yr warranty. These refurbs should be at least $50 less than a new unit. I saw these before purchasing my new unit. It did not make sense at the price point to purchase here; no deal in my book.

I too have recently purchased Ooma system. $3.18 per month here, but I also pay the $9.95 per month for the premier service to get a free additional number. I also like that if my internet goes down to my house, my calls are automatically routed to my cell phone. Great quality phone service without having to connect this box between the cable modem and the router (like another VOIP provider I used to have). The other VOIP provider I had was way more expensive (along with worrying about going over in minutes) and had inferior line quality. I did not port my existing phone number even though I have had it for 17 years (on time fee of $39, plus half my income calls were spammers). Ooma does maintain a database of know spammers that you can use for call blocking. I do like the smart phone app extra features as well. I absolutely recommend Ooma!

I bought this the last time it was offered and do not regret it. Very clear calling and dirt cheap. Will help me big time lowering my cell since I can now switch to a lower minute plan.

I have two, both plugged into the same router. I just had to buy a switch to expand the number of ports on my router (did not know these things existed, I thought I was going to have to buy another router or modem.) Occasionally I will get an echo, I think when the other caller is on a cell phone, but I am not on the phone that much anyway. My “new” unit (auction site), turned out to be refurbed so I was charged a $9.99 activation fee and could not activate online. The prices went down shortly after I bought the last one, but I had already saved $35 by switching. We were not able to port our number. My only concern is that Ooma will go out of business because I don’t know how they are making money.

While technically correct, you can lessen this problem by connecting the Ooma device FIRST, before your computers.

Has anyone purchased this refurbished from woot, i just purchased some thing else refurbished from woot and not really happy about it

I have had great luck with all my product purchases --both refurbs and new --from Woot. (including one that came with European type power plugs which they made right on…)

here is a LINK to an old sale of this product in which I detail some pros and cons and hints about the Ooma. (update: I have now saved over $700 and the unit is still running strong… for $3.82/month!)

… You’re welcome…