Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

Two years and not one problem.

I got one from woot back in 2012, still running. Saved a lot of money.

Purchased a refurb from woot in 2011…no issues…until a power surge last week took out ooma, a router and a Marantz vintage receiver.
Bought a new one direct from ooma last week…should have waited.
This is a great deal!!

Bought a couple of weeks ago when the price was $99. It works great. Especially with my printer/FAX machine. Always had trouble with Vonage and faxing; even a couple of USB modem devices with poor results…not so with Ooma!

Question from a Newb on VOIP calling. If I port my home (hardline) number, can I still use the Call Blocker we have? We were averaging 12 or more scam calls a day. Wife doesn’t want to purchase this without that, and I assured her we can port our number. I’m so freekin sick of Att and continual increasing number of fees. I’m not exactly a tech guru as one may surmise :)She’s worried about issues and pointing out our $60 a month bill versus 1 time payment on this seems to great to be true.
Any help on this would be immensely appreciated. Thanks in advance !!!

Quit asking questions and just buy the D@#$ thing. You won’t regret it.

My brother has one and loves it…i’m seriously considering it.

A free trial of Ooma Premier comes with the Ooma Telo. It has a great call blocker, plus many other fab features. After the trial period, it is $10 per month. Check the Ooma site. I thought it was going to be something I definitely could do without, but after using it, I was sold. My phone bill is still way lower than a no-frills land line.

I kept my inbound # for business and use my unit (bought here) for outbound only. Saves me a TON of money and is so far beyond the Magic Jack that you should never consider a MJ under any circumstances.

Thanks for all the info, placed our order. Looking forward to stickin’ it too da man!!!
Wife will be happier when we’re savin’ $$$$, More Johnnie Walker for me !!!, Lunch time :slight_smile:

Man!!! I messaged Ooma asking when the were going to have more of these on woot.com. a few days later its on woot. I’m sure it was a coincidence but I missed it.

Now I’m too broke to buy this. Such a good deal!

Is it just me, or is there no price or option to add to cart?

If you click the link at the top of this thread, you’ll go to the sale page, and click the small picture of the item to go to the item page. You’ll find the price and cart there.

Is the telephone wiring in your house daisy chained (wire goes from one outlet to the other)? If so, here’s a neat trick: disconnect where your old carrier plugged into your house and connected to the wiring (called a dmark). Then plug your Ooma into a telephone jack. All your phones/outlets in the house will work off the Ooma :slight_smile:

Got one in a Bundle Of Carrots a bit back. Beats the call quality of my Magic Jack

I don’t know a thing about phones so bear with me. Does this have to be plugged into Wi-Fi or phone line? Can you have a splitter? How can I tell if my phone is HD? I have ATT 992 desktop phone and do not see anything about HD on it. I am confused. Please help!

Have had mine for a few years. I love it enough to even pay for premiere, and the only complaint I’ve ever had is that I desperately wish they’d let me whitelist certain numbers off the community blacklist. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic service and I’ve never regretted switching to it.