Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System

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Ooma Telo VoIP Home Phone System
Price: $59.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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About Ooma

Wish they would let me grandfather in my old Ooma Hub plan (no monthly fees). Otherwise I’m content to let my 8 year old Ooma Hub keep chugging along, it’s been fantastic all these years. I use Ooma, Google Talk via Obi, and Skype. So I can fairly compare at least some of the major services and I whole-heartedly recommend Ooma.

I generally like my Ooma, the sound quality is excellent, but there is a definite delay from one end of the connection to the other. The other down side is that I get a ton of junk calls since I moved to VoIP.

I have had Ooma for years. I pay about four bucks a month for home phone. It has worked perfectly every time.

I’ve had my Telo for a couple years now and am considering upgrading to the premium service. With this being an election year the community blocklist feature looks interesting. That said, anyone want to share their experience about the premium option? Does having said blocklist really help cut down on nuisance calls? How hard is it to downgrade back to the basic service?

I’ve likewise been using an Ooma Telo for about 4 years with no regrets. It’s stable and reliable, unlike the reviews I’ve seen for some other VoIP services. First line customer service is off-shore, but I’ve only needed to use them once (getting things set up initially). The sound quality is excellent – much more intelligible than most cell phone calls. I have the Ooma adapter, the broadband modem and wifi router plugged into a battery backup unit, so they’ll still operate if there’s a power outage.

For those who are used to a conventional copper landline, you won’t notice much of a difference after switching over. There are only two minor drawbacks: increased latency (slightly delayed audio) and occasional “talk off” where a high-pitched voice can accidentally trigger touch tones during the call. (Actually, that may be getting injected by Google Voice now that I think about it). Ooma signs you up for Premier service with a free trial initially, but I didn’t find the premium features to be necessary, and dropped to basic service instead. The monthly charge is about 1/10 the former bill from the local phone monopoly. I also paid a one-time porting fee to transfer my existing phone number to Ooma.

Well we tried Ooma late spring last year. Started off ok, but then we went into 2 weeks of unusability.

Echoey, jiddery, uncommunicable voice quality. I called into and tried Ooma tech support and tried a few things, unresolved.

Needless to say failed WAF big time.

Cancelled and then a week later got email blast from CEO from Ooma that they had problems with their servers the past weeks!

Why didnt they tell us to begin with? Why not let their support people know? No way my wife will try Ooma again, but so disappointed in Ooma the company, corporate America is so fornicated these days

Also to transfer and sell Ooma to someone else the fee is almost as much as buying new Ooma

Somethings I did like was the premium service and the voice block list… the nuisance calls dropped like crazy.

Also discovered you need to put Ooma on a timer so it would do power reboot like at 4 am daily

Caveat emptor

I have had one of these for years.
Works great if you need a land line and have internet access. You just have to pay taxes and 911 fees. They will try to sell you extras.


I started off with a Hub/Scout system, which is still in service, and went for the premium service right away. I work from home, so my company pays the $120 annual fee.

Then I switched to Ooma for my home phone, this time with the Telo. And I went for the premium service for home as well, even though I’m paying for it.

Two things I like most, are call forwarding (so I can handle business calls when I’m out of town), and the "blacklist’. Also, they send me email copies of voicemail messages, so even if I delete it from the machine, I can still have a backup copy on my computer.

We hardly get any calls during the dinner hour any more, thanks to the ability to block unwanted callers. There are a few that get through because they’ve managed to manipulate the caller ID system so Ooma can’t identify them, but those are relatively infrequent.

I’ve not tried downgrading the service to non-premium, so I can’t address that part of the question.

We have the Hub/Scout and Telo systems hooked to switches inside the network, rather than using either of them as routers.

I bought a second refurbished Telo when Woot had it on sale a couple of years ago, as a backup. It’s still in the box, but I’m tempted by today’s price (as I was the last time it was offered for $60).

Hope this helps.

I got this the last time woot offered it for the same price due to the mostly positive reviews.

It is very easy to set up and activate. If you want to port your number, it cost you an additional $40. Which is what I did … took a little more than 2 weeks to port the number.

So far so good. I don’t use my home phone much but I did test it with a international call to my family. Voice quality is no better or worse then Vonage.

Another thing, you need to pre-paid for international calls. You can simply put in $10 at a time. At the rates offered, $10 is a lot for most countries.

I have had the premium service for almost a year, and I’m very happy with the call blocking. My only complaint is that often there is an echo when talking.

I bought one of these from here in October 2013. I got around to installing it Jan 2014. I got the premiere plan from the start. It worked pretty decent aside from the voice lags and the occasional magnetic/electronic sounds it created (which sounded like when Luke Skywalker was entering the magnetic field on the Death Star…) Then in Oct of 2015 it went haywire. If I called out, the other party could not hear me speaking, only hear if I hit buttons. If they called in to me they could hear me just fine. After many many calls to Ooma, no one there was able nor seemed to be interested in helping me. After having no ability to call out for a month I had to get another service which is working great and is hooked up the exact same way the Ooma was hooked. Only after I cancelled service was anyone there interested to know what happened. And now they keep billing me despite 4 calls to stop billing me…and they have it on their computer that I called to cancel service in October. It was good while it lasted, but mine went bad. They did offer to send me a new hub IF I would sell it for them. uhhh…no. This is just my experience with it. It did save me tons of money and was pretty good despite the need for frequent reboots of everything. I haven’t had to reboot anything with the new VoIP I have had since Oct. so we’ll see how this goes.

It seems like you got unlucky. Were you connected via WiFi or cable to your router? How’s your router speed? Are there delays watching videos?

i have the basic service…no frill and i like the quality of the sound…had a few minor glitches…nothing serious
did i say cheap? i think i pay like under 5 dollars a month…cant beat that

Have been very happy with the service. There was a hitch when first installed ahead of modem but customer service walked me through settings.

Also, initial call quality was a bit iffy. But it improved to traditional land line quality in a week or two. I think the software “tunes” the unit as it learns your bad with and use patterns.

One additional benefit of the unit, especially for “snowbirds” is that you can pack the unit with you and plug it into another network. So long as you have broadband service in both places, you don’t have to have two lines and two telephone number.

I ported my old number. Was told “officially” it would take 2-3 weeks but got a confirmation email and swapped over within a few days.

My wife led a study-abroad trip to Chile for four and a half months. Our Ooma came with and it worked flawlessly.

I have a TELO that I bought from The Mother-ship about a year ago. Initially there were some WAF problems buy those melted away when I mentioned that calls all over the US were free and I adjusted the settings on the Ooma so that the old answering machine still took the messages not the Ooma, because God forbid she have to learn how to use the Ooma to play back messages. After I disconnected the phone company line form my inside wiring I used a phone cord to plug the Ooma into a phone jack so all our phones are hooked to one Ooma, that was huge for WAF. I am using basic service and I am on the “Do not call list” so I don’t feel a deep need to upgrade.

Something that no one has mentioned is that if you have Ooma and get the Ooma app for your smart phone you can make calls from your home phone using your cell phone as long as you have internet access. This is handy if you want to make a call but only have WiFi access, or if you want someone to think you are home when you are not. The down side of this is that unless you have premium you can only make calls, you can’t receive them.

A year on and with my number ported and the phones wired to my liking I have to say that the only complaint I have about the Ooma service is that stupid dial tone, but seeing as I am saving about fifty bucks a month I will deal with that.